Be True to YOU!

When was the last time you paused to wonder:

Who am I?
What really matters to ME?
Am I being true to myself?

Some of you may be thinking, “How selfish!” There is too much good work to do in this life to worry about what matters to me. There are so many less fortunate than me and my job is to give what they need.

Will you stay with me awhile to explore this?

Here’s the thing. Yes, there is and always will be plenty of good work to do in this life and plenty of people and organizations to tell us what that is. So many that it can be either VERY confusing or totally overwhelming!

Pause for a amount now. Recall a time when you where fully invested in what you were doing, a time when everything about you: your thoughts, your energy, your beliefs — everything was aligned and you were on fire! In this moment, imagine being back there. Feel into the experience as if it was happening NOW. Notice how it feels to be you. Notice your level of commitment. Notice the quality of your work.

Got it?

Shake that off. Recall a time when you were just “doing” because it needed to be done. No passion. No real commitment to the work. You were molding yourself to the work like a chameleon fitting in to its environment so as not to be noticed. Lean into it. Notice how it feels to be you. Notice the quality of your work. Notice the energy you are exuding.

Got it?

So… which YOU would you rather be? Which YOU would you rather be with? Which YOU is adding real value to the world around you?

Now are you ready to discover what matters to you?
Who are you really?

What’s possible when you are true to yourself?

What is YOUR wisdom?