The Garden of God’s Love

A flower one, a fruit another, a tree so strong and tall.
God’s seeds have grown in many shapes and sizes one and all.
Yet how our lives are intertwined, your shade my comfort true.
My blossom colorful and sweet brings joy when you feel blue.

In this garden of God’s Love, sharp thorns will also grow.
Why among the beauty such great pain for some to know?
Forget you not the truth that’s buried in the thorns of life:
Gifts abundant shower all who know Christ through the strife.

Yes, in the garden there is One whose Love each soul does bless.
And as we recognize this gift, our neighbor we caress.
In pain and strife, in joy and peace, we know that we are one.
We grow in God’s rich garden side by side till life is done.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2003

Sabbath Time

Where is God? I yearn to find
this keeper of the Truth divine.
Daily, struggle marks my days.
There must be a better way.

You need not explain or plead.
Make the space: God knows your need.
Release each challenge you now face.
Close your eyes for they will wait.

Pause within the busyness.
Gift yourself with blessed rest.
Still the mind of outer thought.
Sacred space cannot be sought.

Learn the Sabbath gift of time
away from self-made daily grinds.
Tasks will always wait in line
when you rest in Sabbath time.

Here within this tranquil space
are blessings rich in sacred grace.
Ageless wisdom you will find
when you rest in Sabbath time.

by Jeanne Loehnis, April 2004

On Winds of Day

Deep inside I harbor fear:
emotions born in yesteryear.
I’ll not let go, it’s packed in tight:
pain that’s ready for a fight.

You gently ask me to begin
to crack the door and enter in.
Shed some light on ancient past.
Seen clearly it can never last.

“No, I won’t!”, my screams are loud.
I’ll not face the inner crowd.
Enemies as big as day!
I’ll not hear what they might say.

You then gently nudge again.
“What can happen, my dear friend,
if you hear the inner cry,
the life you knew in years gone by?”

“Yes, dear child, you’ve held firm
to memories both dark and grim.
You alone can break the chain:
release each thought that gives you pain.”

“I will hold your hand all night,
keep you safe till morning light,
bring sweet peace to grace the day
as you travel on your way.”

Let winds of day now freely blow
and with the wind your sorrows go.
Watch your pain now travel on;
dissipate with light of dawn.

Waken to the blessed morn.
Your sweet soul has been reborn.
“Now” the only moment yours.
On winds of day your spirit soars.

by Jeanne Loehnis, April 2004


My answers come from deep within
when I but turn my gaze
to the soul which I have chosen
for the meaning of my days.

She’s personal and private
and wise beyond my years.
She’s hidden in my rain forest
and cried for 50 years.

Today she glimpsed the sun
as I cracked the door ajar.
And blossoms now are growing
in the garden of her heart.

My soul, my precious Ariel,
awake and shining bright
is warmth and clarity by day
and calming rest by night.

‘Tis Ariel who guides me.
Her voice — my every song.
Together such rich harmony!
To Ariel I belong.

April 2009