How do you show up as a leader?

Each one of us is a leader. For some of us, our leadership is formal and acknowledged by the world around us; we are team leaders or managers or CEOs at our place of employment. Yet all of us, simply by being a member of the human race, by being part of a family or group of friends, are leaders. Someone, somewhere, is watching and learning from us whether we know it or not.

Think about that. Your actions, your words, the very energy you bring to each interaction – YOU are being watched and emulated.

How do you show up as a leader?
Are you willing to find out …
… and take responsibility for your impact?

We’ve all heard those famous words, “Be the change.” But do you know that being the change we want to see in this world begins at home, in you and in me? Being the change requires that we see ourselves as leaders who care enough to learn what our impact is and take responsibility for its ripple effect.

Today, I am challenging you to look deeply at one area in your life where you impact others. Then, learn about your impact by getting courageous and asking those who feel your leadership impact to help you be a better leader. For those who are willing to be honest with you, ask these powerful questions:

How do I show up as a leader (or partner, friend, parent)?
Where do I fail as a leader?
What is my unintended impact?

Our actions always have unintended impact. Growing up, my desire to do well in school, to perform well on stage, to be “good”, had the unintended impact of me being thought of as a snob! I didn’t know that until years later when someone got honest with me. When my leadership colleagues reflected on my playing small and scared as a leader, I heard, “Your unintended impact is …”:

You create disconnection.
Smallness enters the space.
Your magnificent voice is not heard.

That’s pretty powerful impact of the kind I didn’t mean to bring with my leadership!

What is the unintended impact YOU create?

The Spotlight of Deep Listening


Deep listening is the gift of giving our undivided attention. It involves listening beyond the words to the emotion, the meaning, the essence of what is being communicated. It is listening with our whole body and hearing what the other may be feeling, especially when they are unable to speak the words aloud.

Unfortunately, deep listening is rare, yet so very needed in our world. Too often we are multi-tasking in our brain – thinking about what we’ll say next or what is on our to-do list when we are pretending to listen to the child or parent or colleague or friend in front of us.

Though rare, you know when someone is deeply listening to you! And, it is a skill everyone can develop. To enhance the power and impact of your listening, try this one simple idea:

Shine the spotlight over there!

A well-known expression goes like this: What you focus on expands. Now, imagine there is a listening spotlight that you habitually shine on your own thoughts. In this way, while outwardly focused on the other person, inwardly, that light is expanding your thinking rather than expanding your ability to receive what the other person is communicating. Experiment today. In each conversation, begin by pausing, turning on the spotlight, and pointing it in the direction of the one who needs your listening ear.

What do you hear when your focus is directed on them?
What do you notice in your responses?
What is the impact of your deeper listening?

All in … and Unattached!

Today’s message is simple yet possibly life changing.

What does being all in mean to you?

For me, it’s about giving my all, investing 100% of my energy, full commitment, staying power. Often, I’ve been very careful about where I am all in. Why? Because I’ve been concerned with the outcome. If I am going to give it my all, it better succeed or be good. Also, at times I’ve hesitated to be all in out of fear that I’d be all spent. I chose to stay back and conserve my energy.

What is the impact of my effort when I’m not all in?
What is the impact when I stay back and conserve my energy?

Am I wishy-washy? Am I only half there, only giving some of what I could offer? Today, I want to offer you and me an alternative way to be in this life:

All in … and Unattached!

What does this mean? It means this: give our all. Be all in. Live fully. And … be unattached to the outcome. If we choose to participate, give fully and freely, be all in. Then let go of the outcome – remain unattached – and open.  I suppose this is similar to giving without any strings attached. When I apply this to my life as a whole, it means living forward, deeply, richly, freely. It means not holding on or holding back. It means not trying to control the outcome and not fearing the unknown.  I am reminded of this quotation:


In what ways do you hold back?
In what ways will you arrive at death having not really lived?
How will you live today All in … and Unattached?

When is it NOT time to lead?

You may know that leadership is a passion of mine. This world needs leaders who care deeply, love fully, dare greatly … and know when it is time to step back, rest, follow. (Side note: when following, it is vital that we choose carefully who we follow!)

How do you know when to step back, rest or follow?

I ask, having noticed recently that I do a lot and I yearn for more internal wholeness. I ask, having noticed that stepping away from activity has been a hard choice to make when messages like “What will they say? What will I miss out on?” fill my thoughts.

I ask, having been gently nudged to notice how often I lead, create, make “it” happen! “Jeanne, who in your life serves as a leader to you? Where do you go just to be among?” BAMB! Spot on suggestion as I yearn to hear my soul’s calling more deeply, to listen more frequently, more intentionally to her message.

While the soul is an internal voice, it is one source of intuition – all of which are valuable. So discerning my soul’s calling includes listening to what surrounds me, messages in you, in nature, in rest, in play, in receiving.

If it’s time for you to step aside, step away from the spotlight, rest and receive, consider:

What am I to release in order to create space?
What structures are needed to support staying in spaciousness?
What messages will I listen to?

Leading from Heart

I’ve been pondering and practicing “leading from heart” lately, letting my heart speak before my head. The hardest thing is remembering to do it! My head can kick into the gears of fear and judgment and hurry and worry faster than lightning strikes! Yet, when I breathe into my heart space and let it expand into the leadership position in my life, miracles happen.

This morning, I discovered this very powerful image at

I encourage you to let yourself be with it until it is lovingly burned into your awareness and you can’t help but see stoplights in a new way!

What does “leading from heart” mean to you?