Seated now within this chair,
I rest that I may know
with clarity of vision;
the pathway to the now.

We are one, my God and I,
When God is in the lead.
‘Tis then my actions show the way
to others in their need.

With God in charge my steps are sure;
I’m never lost at sea.
This gift is mine to nourish
So I tend the planted seed.

And as we sprout, my God and I,
In the garden of my soul,
I trust that God won’t let me down.
We shine. With God I’m whole.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2003

Love’s Blessed Peace

Let go of personality.
Release set plans and will.
Turn within where God resides.
Be patient and be still.

As a drop of water
gives its very form and shape
to the sea of droplets infinite
so may we now forsake

attachment to the body;
all emotion now release.
Unite as one in Spirit
and receive Love’s blessed peace.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007

Listen to the Whisper

Listen to the whisper
for in you it dwells secure
and with but a passing glance
reveals its mystical allure.

Listen to the whisper
having gently drawn the bridge
closed the door to outer noise
and awakened thoughts within.

Listen to the whisper
while a butterfly at rest
captures your attention
with its beauty unsurpassed.

Listen to the whisper
’tis pure Love that yearns to mold
your thoughts so blessed and pure
while you dwell safe within the fold.

Listen to the whisper
sacred voice of intuition
lives within to give direction
guidance clear is Love’s intention.

Listen to the whisper
‘fore necessity requires
that Love’s voice express Its message
’tis each soul’s intense desire.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007

Ah, the Busy Lives We Lead

Ah, the busy lives we lead.
Day after day we do good deeds.
Slowing seldom to catch our breath.
Never does our spirit rest.

Hurriedly moving from task to task,
wanting each to be the last.
Yet making more lists before the dawn,
reminding ourselves we’ll never be done.

When can we possibly stop to learn
for what exactly our hearts do yearn?
How can we know just how we feel
if we never get off the spinning wheel?

And Spirit, our Guide, do we consult?
Doubtful in all this moving about.
Too busy to seek the Guiding Way.
“I must keep going, keep doing.”, we say.

Here on this porch at break of day
before the sun has lit the way,
as the weekend begins its course,
I am at peace, without remorse.

I’ve come to connect with inner light,
to pause for guidance whispered, right.
Noting again the sky so vast.
Knowing my place, at rest, at last.

By Jeanne Loehnis, September 2004

A Bedtime Prayer

Be still my thoughts from frantic pace.
With tranquil calm now replace
that Sabbath peace my soul will taste:
no longer racing in my haste.

Be still my thoughts. Be calm. Be smooth.
Become as a reflecting pool
that wisdom pure of God be seen
clearly by the moon’s full beam.

Be still my thoughts for God will write
upon your face this moonlit night
the message of eternal life.
Be still my thoughts. Be calm this night.

Be still my thoughts, it’s time to rest.
No challenge now; no pending test.
Release in love, release the rest.
We’re safe in Spirit’s blessed nest.

By Jeanne Loehnis, April 2004