Your Impact

No amount of intending, planning, leading and seeing our dreams to completion will EVER give us the full picture of our impact in this lifetime. No matter how many accolades, awards or expressions of gratitude we receive, these will never be the full picture.

Rather, each one of us, moment by moment, is having an impact on this world and the people in it well beyond our awareness. In ways we are oblivious, others are observing, learning, being touched. Furthermore, their actions are affected by our impact; our impact is expanding like a web that truly is out of our control.

In what ways do you WANT to impact the world you live in?
In what ways are you WAITING for acknowledgment before acting?
What message is your life sending now?

Prepare the Way

From “Notes from the Universe Cards” by Mike Dooley:

“You could visualize for 1,000 days,
pray for 1,000 nights,
and give thanks for 1,000 things,
but it’s when you physically prepare the way, dear
– no matter how silly, tiny, or futile your efforts may seem –
that 1,000 miracles will find you.
Uga-chugga, Uga-chugga”

All the thought , prayer and gratitude power in the world won’t move your feet. You are the only one who can take action for yourself. Sometimes you are the only one who can see your actions. That doesn’t make them less important.

What actions are you discounting? 

CELEBRATE! Again! Then choose your next step, prepare the way. Act.

The “Undecideds”

Last bit, we explored powerful YESes and NOs. The unspoken message was about the way-too-powerful and draining in-between: the maybes, the undecideds, limbo-land. Now that you have given your powerful YES to some decisions, your powerful NO to others, let’s look at what remains. Use these questions:  What are you avoiding? What decisions do you refuse to make? to bring to mind and heart those decisions or situations or relationships that represent limbo-land for you. Just be here now. No, don’t try to decide. No, don’t put them on the list. No, don’t try to figure out what you need. For this moment, just be here with the feelings, the weight of the undecideds. Then, for each of these:
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Powerful YESes and NOs

What’s it like to know definitively? What’s it like to be “All in”? How about, “All out – that’s NOT for me!”?

Today’s invitation is to take a look at activities, relationships, commitments that fill your time and impact your energy level. For each one, get quiet and ask your deepest self, your intuition, to respond:

  • What impact does this activity/relationship/commitment have on my energy level?
  • If I were choosing in this moment whether or not to be part of this, would I be “All in”, “All out”, or “Undecided”?

Based on your answers:

  • What gets your POWERFUL YES?
  • What gets your POWERFUL NO?
  • What remains in limbo?

What changes are called for?


Life – the purposeful, intentional, sometimes driven, always expanding life we choose – deserves a constant companion: Gentleness. Even amidst the activity, achievement, commitments, goals, excitement … even – or perhaps – ESPECIALLY amidst all of this, gentleness is a vital ingredient. For you:

What does gentleness look like?
What does gentleness feel like?
What does gentleness sound like?
What does gentleness taste like?
What does gentleness smell like?

Where is a dose of gentleness the cure?