Blurred Vision

The last bit was about multitasking and the challenge to be present to this now moment, this activity, this action. Now, as you revisit single-focus, notice what blurs your vision. What gets in the way? What clutters your mind, your heart, your focus?

Take a moment now. With pen and paper at the ready, clear your focus by transferring the clutter from mind to paper. Take three deep breaths – then return to your choice for single-focus presence.

What do you notice?


They say we can’t do it – multitasking – that is. The human brain truly focuses on only one thing at a time. Imagine yourself fully engaged in “just this moment” or “just this activity”:

  • Now I am lighting this candle.
  • Now I am creating this tidbit.
  • Now I am taking a drink of coffee.
  • Now all of my attention is with this person on the phone

What would be possible in each now moment? What richness would we notice? What would it feel like to be fully present now? Today, take the “now moment challenge” and practice directing all of your attention to “this one thing”. Just practice. Even as I’ve been writing, my attention has wavered so practice I will!

What power is present in full focus?


Ever find yourself “out of sorts”, “off”,  perhaps angry for no apparent reason? Perhaps there are times, also, when life is spinning at 100 mph yet you are happy, engaged, and “ready for more”. What is going on?

One possibility is this: Each of us have certain basic needs which, when met, keep us grounded, healthy, and “in our life”. For me, these “non-negotiables” are adequate sleep, healthy food, alone time, and exercise. When our non-negotiables are unmet for too long, we head down the road toward “out of sorts”, unhappy, or “flying off the handle”.

What are your non-negotiables?
What happens when they go unmet?
What is it worth – to you – to tend to yours today?

100% Commitment

You have undoubtedly felt 100% commitment at times. Perhaps you were passionately engaged in an activity or filled with intention around a relationship. Call into your awareness what 100% commitment feels like in your body, mind, emotion, and spirit.

Now, mentally walk through your “to-do list” for today. Where does 100% commitment show up?

What shift will it take to bring 100% commitment each item on that list?
What will you gain by engaging at 100%?
What do you lose when you don’t?
What needs to fall off the list?

What you believe …

Our chosen belief system has a HUGE impact on our lives – but then, you knew that. Well, I just want to share with you an experience that began one hour ago. The story? I was doing my husband a favor – a ten minute favor – before getting into this day which has clients and stuff to do! We were delayed. Ten minutes became 40. I watched as my insides got triggered. My emotional being got stressed and frustrated, my heart was pounding, my head was spinning with how the inconvenience would impact my morning.

Ever happen to you? Continue reading “What you believe …”