When we look within, instead of without,
and we focus on Truth instead of doubt,
when our vision is free from fear and strife
and we live each new day with the whole in sight…

When we learn there is only One Source of the Light:
One Presence, One Power, One day and One night,
and we choose to unite in all that we are
with the wisdom we’ve seen looking on from afar…

‘Tis then that we travel on Spirit’s strong wings
together forever. This union it brings
a clarity only the heart can discern
and we know that this Now has lessons we’ll learn.

We open ourselves and we trust as we take
each next step; we’re guided through each passing day.
And as we pause to listen, we know
the Presence of Spirit. We’re One with the whole.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2008

Two Streams

Two streams, flowing, yours and mine,
co-mingled with sweet Spirit Divine.
Never again the same we’ll be
for blended we are: you’re part of me.

Though we’ll split, diverge again,
gently lean around the bend,
two streams forever touched are we
by our sacred unity.


Two Now Follow

One human being smiled at me.
One precious person amid the sea
of strangers who only stopped to stare.
Eyes of curiosity; eyes that glared.

One person took the time to pause.
Bypassing all the fear-filled laws
asked me to share in love the story
of Life in joy and hope and glory.

One person dared the Truth to hear;
Invited Spirit to come near.
One person touched through me today.
Two now follow the blessed Way.


Touch The Tears

Touch the tears when sorrow comes
and your heart is bending low.
When heaviness has settled in,
touch the tears and let them flow.

Touch the tears, the cleansing wash,
the wellspring of your spiritual grace.
Release with abandon, holding not.
Touch the tears to your dry face.

Touch the tears with all your being.
Let your body shake and tremble:
true release of deepest feeling.
Touch the tears, let Spirit handle.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2005

The Ten Percent T-Rap

'Tis time to tell the tale
of a tactic tried and true
toward trusting transformation
to the totally terrific you!

A tool to test the tired,
and torment mere tiny thoughts.
'Twill be tedious, even turbulent,
oh so taxing when 'tis fought.

The tabloids think it terrible,
and tycoons a torrential typhoon!
It’ll tackle and be tragic
if tit for tat’s your tune.

Yet you’ll tap dance once you taste
this tangy, tantalizing, trick.
Tell the tag team to take charge,
team together; to be quick!

Today 'tis time to start to
share your talent and your time.
Ten percent tenaciously tendered:
transform your spirit with your tithe!

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2007