Amazing Grace (Unity style)

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound
that sings deep in my soul!
Since long before I saw the sun
with Spirit I was whole.

Through every challenge in my life
with Spirit I’ve flown free!
Sweet grace has been my constant guide.
I know sweet liberty!

Wherever life will take me next
with Spirit’s eyes I’ll see
the path that’s in the blessed flow.
With Spirit I am free!

And when as Spirit I shall fly
to worlds beyond the sun:
sweet grace you’ll hear! My soul will sing
its pure sweet freedom song.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2005

My Gift

My gift to you this Christmas is who I am inside.
No longer, living from my fear, will I try to hide
the me it’s taken forty years of living to unearth.
Yes, I have grown and changed; a new me has found its birth.

I’m different in the blessed now than in the blessed past.
Experience has shaped me with a Love I know will last.
From the center of this Love I’ve wrapped your gift with care.
Inside you’ll find my deepest truth that I now freely share.

I haven’t stopped my growing; nor asked for change to end.
As you watch, it’s possible, you’ll find me ’round the bend.
Wherever I may go in life, whatever I believe,
you’ll know ’cause through my actions, my truth you will perceive.

Please take my gift unto yourself, however you may choose.
No strings you’ll find attached, my friendship you’ll not lose.
However my truth strikes you, it’s mine, not yours, I know.
Blessings for your journey, friend, as on your path you go.

By Jeanne Loehnis, December 2002