“Come From” Energy

WARNING: Today’s topic is meant to wake you up – jar you a bit – invite you into a deeper level of responsibility for how you show up in the world. Proceed with courage!

Think about a time when you have done something you didn’t want to, perhaps resentfully or grudgingly. Or, recall a time when you were physically present but emotionally and spiritually, perhaps even mentally, “out to lunch”. Or, what about those times when your reason for doing “it” was all about what you would gain – perhaps business or recognition? If it weren’t for the benefits, you so would NOT be there! 

Now, think about a time when you’ve been with someone else whose energy was at a disconnect from their “good” actions. It doesn’t feel good, does it? Were you wanting them to be different, thinking: “If only they …” or “Why don’t they …?”

Likely, we’ve all done it – acted from energy which is at best, negative, at worst, harmful. We’ve also, most likely, looked outside ourselves for someone else to change. Consider these lyrics:

We cannot change the world we see
till change begins in you and me!
We change the world around us when
the change begins within.

from “Let the Change Begin” by Jana Stanfield

My invitation, even challenge, for you (and me!) is this: Let the change begin within. Take full responsibility for your own “come from” energy. Choose not only to let your actions be upright and good, but take the time to align your energy with your actions. If you can’t, then get honest with yourself and don’t act.

This is courageous! This is stepping into leadership and full integrity within yourself. It isn’t necessarily a place where you’ll get accolades from others. That isn’t the why of this action (or non-action). However, the impact on YOU will be powerful. Acting from the energy of good, honorable intentions, from a place of inner integrity, is a gift we give ourselves. Today, before you act, ask:

What is my “come from” energy now?
Is it really time to act?

What is YOUR wisdom?