Jack of all trades …

… master of none. This is what has been in my awareness this week. All of my life I have participated in a variety of activities and learning experiences and had people around me who challenged me in so many different ways. I’ve been able to juggle many things well – or well enough. What I’ve offered the world around me in support, leadership, creativity, music, friendship … has been a gift over and over.

And, I haven’t become a master at anything. I realize that, when I’ve tried to focus enough to move in that direction, I get bored – or distracted by all the other balls I like to juggle!

Why tell you this?

Simply because it is what is most present for me and I struggle when I try to write about something that isn’t “front and center”. Also, I learned once in a leadership program that “If it is in me, it is in the space. If I need to address it or hear it, so does another.” Some of you reading this post need to hear this. If this isn’t you, feel free to move on!

What is the impact of my juggling?

The “positive” impact includes:

  • I have been strong and powerful support for others in so many ways over the years
  • My creativity has blessed many
  • My commitment in relationship has made many feel special and seen

What about the “negatives”? Well:

  • I know – always – that I could do better if only I applied myself more and sometimes I judge myself harshly for this. Worse – I judge my skillset as not good enough to have any value
  • Sometimes it’s just too much – I get out of balance, drop all the balls (hopefully not hurting anyone along the way) and stop everything
  • I have a hard time letting go – what if I want to do “that” again? I better stay in practice! This is a VERY stressful place to be
  • It’s too much and doesn’t permit me time to explore something new

What about you?
How do you see yourself in “jack of all trades, master of none”?
What shifts, if any, do you need to make?

Here are some things I try when I need a shift:

  • Acknowledge myself and how my gifts have “made the world a better place” – Imagine all the ways the world would be different if I’d settled on “just one” and become a “master”
  • Let go – freely – before it’s too late and sometimes, let go “just for today”
  • Pick one (book, one activity, one thing to practice) and commit to be with it daily for one month. Consider, 15 minutes of exercise every day this month – that’s 7 1/2 hours more than if we never start!
  • Remember self-compassion – a little gentleness goes a long way
  • Spend time going deep, sometimes with a friend or guide who can help me discern what, if anything, it is time to release. Recently, I found release easier if “the thing was going to a new home that could use it” or “the time freed up would allow me to be more fulfilled elsewhere”

What about you:

What acknowledgment do you need to give yourself?
What is the impact of your juggling?
What would the impact of release be on you and those around you?
What support do you need for your discernment process?

What is YOUR wisdom?