Embrace Vulnerability

That's what researcher story teller Brené Brown claims is vital for living wholeheartedly in her keynote, Expanded Perceptions. This 20 minute video is definitely worth your time and attention!

Through her research, Brené identified that the difference between persons with a strong sense of worthiness, of love and belonging, and those who do not experience these things in their lives, is this:

Persons who believe they are worthy of love and belonging,
experience it.

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It’s Your Choice

If you are like me, you can spend tremendous amounts of energy and time evaluating the activities and situations in life, projecting that they will be “good” or “bad”, “fun” or “boring”, “positive” or “negative”. You get the idea. And, if you are like me, you want to experience enthusiasm and joy, excitement and purpose, love and well being.

What if you were at choice, and, regardless of the situation, the task, the responsibility, the job, the illness, the lull … regardless of what it is that you are facing this very moment, you could choose to be open and feel joy, love, positive life energy, excitement?

What would be different in you if you believed that?

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Ah……….! That's a big breath and a wide smile, eyes bright exhale. Are you with me? Try it!

Breathe in deeply and feel your belly first, then your chest expand as you take in the very source of life. Your physical being accommodates as needed to receive this beautiful gift.

Just the very fact that you are here in this day, able to take in a deep, healthy breath, is reason enough for that light to shine brightly through your eyes and your smile to stretch from ear to ear, yes?

Exhale. Take one more long and full inhale. Pause.

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