Be The Woman

Be the Woman Coaching Card

Consider your current situation, clear your thoughts, and let your creativity flow with:

What is heaven?
What is time?
In what ways do you settle for less?
What have you always wanted to learn?
What blocks your light?
What renders you speechless?
What beauty shines as you?
What voices suffocate yours?
What makes your heart sing?
What do you not make time for?
What color is your light?
What are you waiting for?
What is the strength of your voice?
How do you impact your world?
What doors have you closed?
What is your starring role?

Who do you want to BE this holiday season?

Each year as the calendar displays December, I find myself needing to pause and figure out just how I will navigate the days and weeks ahead. Do you? Do you find yourself wondering how you will get through the busyness and stress of the season? Do you anticipate the holidays with joy or dread? Have you ever stopped to ask yourself what it means for you?

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Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone – Part II

Have you stepped outside your comfort zone yet? Fear still holding you back? How about a few more ways to embrace the idea?

First, in case you missed Sunday, October 11, at Unity Church of Christianity, you can listen to a recording of the interview: Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone.

For a bit more reading on the topic, try a short article on the topic: read.

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Thriving Outside Your Comfort Zone

Comfort … Ah! We seek it. We tend to do everything in our power to be comfortable. From the temperature in our homes to the clothes we wear to the people we spend time with, the activities we choose, and the conversations we engage in.

But, if we only put ourselves in situations that are within our comfort zone, if we never take risks with anything new and different, challenging and maybe even a bit scary, how are we growing? What are we learning about ourselves and the world? How can we possibly discover our passions and make our dreams come true?

Please join me the next two Sundays for some deeper exploration of thriving outside of your comfort zone and living your personal vision. First:

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What is your vision?

Here I am again with an acronym to share. Why do I keep creating in this way? Well, words hold deep meaning for me. I’m sure many of you reading this are deeply moved and inspired by the visual – photos, color, and works of art. Others are moved by music or persons in service of others.

Perhaps most of us are moved by multiple types of media as I am. So we listen and we create in various ways, depending on circumstances. Well, this is a blog and by its nature it can link to photos and music, but it is primarily built on words. So, words it shall be!

A few days ago, I gave the following coaching assignment to a woman seriously looking at retiring from her long-time occupation and moving into the next phase, the next focus for her life. Notice I didn’t say “retiring” to couch potato status! This was a coaching assignment!
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