Are we having fun yet?

This week, a friend forwarded a link titled “The Eight Irresistible Principles of Fun” and I just couldn’t resist. I have often been accused of working too hard with questions like “Can’t you have any fun?” I will admit that I work hard and sometimes wonder what I’d do with a block of time set aside for “fun”. So, this was one link I quickly clicked on. And I’m glad I did!

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Living Soft

In my early morning writing today, I revisited a conversation from yesterday with a new friend and was inspired by her openness to everything about this life. “I don’t know … and I don’t need to know.” flowed easily from her. And, “Life is supposed to be fun!” also gave me room for pause.

As I wrote, a very open and light feeling transformed itself into soft:

(S)upported, (O)pen, (F)lexible, (T)rusting

And I wondered where in my life I am yet hard, unchanging, closed to new ideas and experiences. And, as one who is fed by helping others, I wondered, too, where I am hardened and closed to support from others, to being nurtured, to softly receiving.

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What is 2010 offering you?

It is December 31, 2009, and I sit in morning reflection wondering what, if anything, I might have to offer you. So much is written every year about New Year's resolutions and starting over. My life coach, Maripat Abbott, has a wonderful year-end process to guide reflection and review of the year just ending followed by visualizing the year that is about to begin. You will find it in her December 2009 Ezine article once it is posted at Manifesting Possibilities.

What can I add?

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Be The Woman

Be the Woman Coaching Card

Consider your current situation, clear your thoughts, and let your creativity flow with:

What is heaven?
What is time?
In what ways do you settle for less?
What have you always wanted to learn?
What blocks your light?
What renders you speechless?
What beauty shines as you?
What voices suffocate yours?
What makes your heart sing?
What do you not make time for?
What color is your light?
What are you waiting for?
What is the strength of your voice?
How do you impact your world?
What doors have you closed?
What is your starring role?