What do you do with the freedom that you have?

Happy Independence Day!

Here in northeast Wisconsin, we are experiencing the most amazing and glorious holiday weekend. In my personal definition, it is perfection! And on top of that, it is the weekend of celebrating freedom, independence, that sacred gift that we in America experience in a way that many in this world cannot.

Beyond the external freedoms, how does your spirit experience freedom? Are you truly free in the choices you make each day about what you will do, how you spend your time, what you believe, how you show up in the world? Do you take seriously each “minor” decision along life's way, knowing that it is the very essence of your life, the impact that you are privileged to have in this lifetime?

This month, consider a new way of looking at the phrase “How important is it, really?”

How Important It Is … Really!

May you cherish each and every freedom that is available to you this day!

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Welcome to a new day!

Good morning!

How did your heart greet this new day? Is it smiling?

Is your heart in tune with your soul's purpose? Do you know that YES can be your only answer to this question?

Well, it can! You are at choice in this life and you are creating each and every day. And all the guidance you need is already resident within you. Read about your very own instruction manual!

An Instruction Manual For Life

Come back often for tidbits of wisdom that point you in the direction of your dreams.

In Spirit, in Joy, in Fulfillment!

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A Bedtime Prayer

Be still my thoughts from frantic pace.
With tranquil calm now replace
that Sabbath peace my soul will taste:
no longer racing in my haste.

Be still my thoughts. Be calm. Be smooth.
Become as a reflecting pool
that wisdom pure of God be seen
clearly by the moon’s full beam.

Be still my thoughts for God will write
upon your face this moonlit night
the message of eternal life.
Be still my thoughts. Be calm this night.

Be still my thoughts, it’s time to rest.
No challenge now; no pending test.
Release in love, release the rest.
We’re safe in Spirit’s blessed nest.

By Jeanne Loehnis, April 2004