Lesson from a toddler

When was the last time you were fully present with an infant or toddler? I’ve had the privilege of babysitting a grandson many times during his first 16 months. With an intention of “full attention” to him, I’ve learned so much! But one lesson stands out and bears repeating and practicing elsewhere in my life:

the child loves … and assumes you are good, loving, helpful

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Substance over Status – is it time?

What do you crave?
What tempts you?
How do you know when it’s “too much”?

Okay. I get it. You are sensing that this is going to be a counter-cultural message. You aren’t sure you want to hear it. You have a choice. You can stop reading now. You can return to the mainstream message and settle back into acquiring, needing, wanting, craving, doing more so you have more, never feeling satisfied, never simply enjoying this moment with this person or celebrating this accomplishment. You can continue striving for quantity over quality, status over substance.


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It’s all about relationships …

The calendar has turned and a new year has begun. Many folks are setting resolutions for the year ahead and hoping that they stick. My invitation to you this year is to consider a focus on relationship. We are always, in every activity, in every situation, in relationship with someone or something. We are interdependent beings; none of us does this life solo. From the postal worker, the store clerk and the nurse to family, friends and colleagues, our being touches and is touched by others.

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How would a year-end review serve you?

As the calendar year draws to a close, I’d like to invite you into a very intentional pause – a pause to reflect, release, soak up the learning, and set intention. Think about this statement:

Today is merely the sum of past choices.

If that is true, then we need to look first at what is and how we got here. Then, we decide if “here” is where we want to stay and, if not, vision where we want to “go”. Finally, we set the course for the journey ahead. Notice that we don’t dwell in the past. We look at it in order to get a clear picture of how we arrived in today so we can make informed choices about tomorrow.

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Take the High Road

I think you know what I mean. When you are tempted to lash out, get back, do some underhanded dirty work – when you are tempted to react out of anger or resentment, DON’T.

Take the high road.

Rather than “an eye for an eye”, be kind. Treat the other as you would want to be treated.

But, why???

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