When has a good practice gone sour?

I didn’t journal today. I’ve journaled regularly, often daily, for 15 years. The practice has helped me clear my mind, understand life, discover creativity. I’ve suggested this practice to clients and friends.

Yet, today I didn’t write. Yesterday, my husband suggested that, just maybe, all that inner reflection was a cause – rather than a cure – for morning feelings of depression.

“But, no! It helps! I can’t stop. This practice has been so good for me over the years. Besides, I’ve suggested it to others. I can’t back away without looking or feeling out of integrity.” Continue reading When has a good practice gone sour?

Pack. Unpack. Resettle. Oh My!

I took a short vacation last week. As my friend and I were loading the car to return home, I said: “The part of vacation I don’t care for is the packing, unpacking and resettling.” And she, another life coach, looked at me and repeated:

Pack — Unpack — Resettle

Isn’t that what many of us do on this life journey? We pack in experiences and information. Then, at some point we step back, pause and unpack it. We try to make sense of it all by comparing these new bits to the existing bits in our brains and memory banks. We move some old thoughts aside, revise others, let go of what no longer fits. Ah… Continue reading Pack. Unpack. Resettle. Oh My!

School buses are running again …

Maybe this doesn’t impact you directly, but I am here today to suggest that, in fact, all of us are impacted by the return of the school bus. First, there is the obvious: traffic is interrupted as the red stop sign arm is extended. Hopefully, everyone is a bit more cautious knowing that there are young people waiting on the side of the road who aren’t necessarily paying attention to cars speeding by. Second, if you do have school age children in your home, everything shifts from wake up time to bed time, to helping with homework and attending extracurricular activities.

Let’s walk beyond all of that and into our future. Continue reading School buses are running again …

Get Over Yourself!

Grab a piece of paper and draw a line down the middle. Keep it handy, you’ll need it shortly.

What should “I” do?
What will happen to “me”?
Where is “my” career headed?
What if “I” fail?

Just for a moment, call to mind your greatest achievement – something you feel very proud of. This could be something you were openly acknowledged for – or not. Got it?

On your page, in the first column, list all the ways you made this achievement happen. What skills did you employ? What qualities such as courage or tenacity or leadership did you display? Who were you to be able to do this?

Pretty remarkable you are!

Now, step back a bit. Continue reading Get Over Yourself!

Are you a control freak?

Before you answer that, call to mind someone who fits your definition of “control freak” to a tee. Got it? Are you imagining someone who:

  • always has to get their way?
  • bosses everyone around because they know the “right way to do it”?
  • is uber-organized with everything always in its place?

If so, it is possible you don’t spend lots of time with this person if you can help it.

In my personal experience, however, as both controller and controlled, I’ve found much subtler methods of control. Imagine: Continue reading Are you a control freak?

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