Amp it up – really!

What is alive inside of you right now? Stop to notice. Breathe in deeply. Is it freedom or stuck? Fear or love? Anxiety? Worry?

If what you notice is “positive”, give yourself a gift and “amp it up”! Fully feel the freedom or the love, the joy or the satisfaction.

If what you notice is “negative”, give yourself a gift and “amp it up”! WHAT???!!!!!! Yes, take time out, step outside of your activities, and turn up the volume. Let your being fully experience the depth of the discomfort, the depth of stuck for fear, anxiety or worry. Then ask:

What if nothing changes?
What is impossible from here?
What is possible?
What shift am I willing to make?

Then what …

You are facing an obstacle, a situation. Your mind has jumped into the whirlwind of confusion and perhaps all the way to stuck and unmoving. Worst of all, you’ve got fear and it has taken over. Consider this tool. It might not even be new to you. But in case you haven’t tried it in awhile, here goes!  Ask yourself:

What’s the worst that can possibly happen?
If it happens, then what?
After that, what?
What next?

Now, give yourself the gift of this alternative:
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Speaking My Truth

I came to this day and my usual morning self-connection with an intention to connect with you – a plan. Yet, when I sat down to write, I noticed that I really didn’t know what I’d write about. So, why am I writing? What is the purpose anyway?

How often is your life a series of tasks, plans carried out without a connection to the purpose, the intention for the action? Can it be different? What if it was?
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Reverse it!

Today’s thought comes from “The Intuitive Way” by Penney Peirce. Ready?

If I could reverse three situations or chronic habits in my life, what would they be?
How would I do it?
What would my life look like then?

That’s it from Penney, folks. From the coach:

What changes are you called to make?
What vision will keep you focused?

Just a reminder here. This is NOT about “beat me up” for all “I haven’t done”. It’s about clarity around choices and realizing that we can make new choices at any moment.

Inspiring your unique life journey