My Wish For You …

My Wish For You This Holiday Season

May you be present to your own well-being, self-care, self-acceptance and self-love. We cannot give away what we do not possess.

May you soften around a tradition you find difficult.

May you open your heart to a challenging personality.

May you realize that no one you see today is the same person you saw last time you were together and, therefore, listen with curiosity and an “I don’t know” awareness.

May you remember first to love yourself, second to be the love that you are, and finally to see this love everywhere in everyone.

Wishing you a gentle, joyful, healthy, love-filled holiday season!

Why Self-Care?

As the animal known as “human”, each of us is an intricate web of systems which, like machines, run better when well cared for. Our human “machine” has physical systems which we nourish with food, exercise and sleep, but it is also made up of mental, emotional and spiritual systems. When I ask, “Why Self-Care?”, I am referring to all of these!

Now, I am not going to talk about the “what” of self-care. There are MANY places to learn about how to tend our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beings. And, given that each of us is totally unique, any guidance for how to care for ourselves needs to be personalized by us over and over again as we grow and change.

I am, however, going to talk about the WHY of self-care.

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Family, Friends and the Holidays

The holidays are, for many, a difficult time of added activity and expectations, an increased amount of family and friend time – or loneliness and sadness if you don’t have connections with others.

If you find the holidays challenging or stressful, read on.

If you find them wonderful, read on! You are probably the light, joy, safe space and energy needed by those around you.

The song, “The Grand Design” by Greg Tamblyn is a beautiful message about our inter-connectedness as human beings. Continue reading “Family, Friends and the Holidays”

Does your vision need UNcorrecting?

All loss is gain. Since I have become so near-sighted I see no dust or squalor, and therefore conceive of myself as living in splendor. ~Alice James, American diarist

Though I am still confused between near and farsightedness, I SO get that quote! My vision up close is horrible! I can’t read a word that is smaller than 20 point type.

Even as my vision has me living in (dirty) splendor, I must admit that I am often disgusted when I see with glasses on. Yet:

How would a case of nearsightedness work in a relationship?

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