Without the Mirror

Once upon a time, mirrors did not exist. Dates vary, but one account says that the mirrors we know today were invented a mere 183 years ago. Imagine with me now a world without mirrors (or photography for that matter):

  • no reflection of your morning face in the bathroom mirror
  • no full-length reflection of your toned, untoned, thin or not-so-thin body
  • no reflection of your body dressed in the latest fashions of this year or last year or the last decade
  • nothing to show you your own exterior

Stay until you feel it – NO mirrors – NO reflections

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Just a reminder: Beginner’s Mind

As many of you return to work following the Labor Day weekend, or to school following summer break, I’d like to invite you into an idea that could transform your experience of your coworkers, employees, students and most of all YOU and your life. The idea may already be known to you but it is ever and always worth revisiting:  Beginner’s Mind. Wikipedia offers us this definition:

 In Zen Buddhism, Shoshin or beginner’s mind refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner would.

How often do you go to the office eager and open,
or enter a conversation ready to learn?

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Your retreat day …

What would a day apart from the usual responsibilities of life, a day:

  • in nature’s beauty
  • to be nourished
  • to be inspired

to BE with other women give you? Each time I gift myself with time apart – whether a personal day alone at home, a weekend retreat, or even just a few hours in nature, I come away changed. I am softer, more open and ready to make needed shifts in my life.

My next retreat experience is this month – September 22-23. I will be inspired at Continue reading “Your retreat day …”

Deep Inner Alignment

Who am I? Are my actions fully aligned with the values I hold dear? Do I let you see who I am? Or, am I hiding behind activities that our culture deems necessary?

As my summer of play/pickleball comes to an end, these are the questions I am wrestling with. Once again, I am aware that my passion is deep connection with people and inviting others to deeper connection with themselves. I want you to know who you are and to answer “Yes!” when asked if your actions align with your values.

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I Can’t Do It All!

The truth about choices is this:

Often one precludes another

Time spent “here” means it isn’t spent “there”, at least not now.

It has been about seven weeks since I began an experiment: modify my schedule by moving most appointments to the afternoon in order to free up mornings, Monday-Friday. In that time frame, I have the option of playing two hours of weather-dependent Pickleball with an additional hour of travel and clean-up.

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