Perhaps you’ve heard the story of the gardener who carefully choose seeds and planted them with extreme love and care, looking back on his work with healthy pride. A few weeks later, before the seeds had sprouted above the dirt, a fellow gardener informs him that the seeds were planted too close together. So, he dug them up and replanted. Many days pass and yet another, wise and trusted, gardener says, “No, those seeds must be planted very close together.” And the gardener dug up and replanted them – again.

How many of those seeds reached maturity by harvest time?

I read this story again recently and began to wonder how often I have taken great care to choose actions and discern what activities are mine to do (and not!). Then, I begin, knowing that things take time and some of my intentions require dedication, devotion, practice, patience. Some of my work is internal, under ground, and requires much germination time before it shows itself.

Yet, before my plans reach maturity, another “gardener” (a.k.a. dear friend, fellow entrepreneur, soul journeyer) stops by with, “What about this? Don’t you think you *should* be doing that? You would be great at this! Will you join me here?” If I’m not careful, I can dig up my “seeds” prematurely or even forget that I’ve planted them! Sometimes I till the soil of my daily planner and the original plantings are lost as time is reallocated to this new activity suggested by someone else.

What seeds have you planted in your life?
Which require dedication, devotion, practice, patience?
What support do you need to “stay the course”?
What vision of the harvest will keep you on track?

What is YOUR wisdom?