Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

Stop and think with me: What is it that drives most of your decision making, your actions, your beliefs? Do you consider yourself to be independent, freely choosing your thoughts and responses? Or, are your thoughts the by-product of decades of conditioning from society, family, religion, political persuasions, co-workers, authors …? You get the the idea.  How often, if ever, do you really make an independent choice, one that is totally free of the influence of “other”?

Is it even possible?

Each of us has come to this point in our lives having been “fed” ideas formed by the world around us: our country of origin, the family religion (or lack thereof), societal norms, our race, our financial well-being, the books or music we’ve chosen or which were popular at the time. And we have, most likely, formed opinions about life based on all of this! My question today:

Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

might be restated as:

What influences how you show up in life?
What if those influences weren’t present?
What might you be open to, more aware of?

Try it! Imagine observing the world, in your day-to-day, without the impact of:

  • what you’ve been taught
  • the way it “should” be
  • what you are “supposed to” believe

Not easy! Yet, each of us across the world operates from the set of conditions that have shaped us. And we fight for “what’s right” based on our conditioning. Since you and I have been conditioned differently, the fight will only end if we dare to see beyond the separation of our conditioning.

I will leave you here. If your interest has been piqued, consider looking up the teachings of J. Krishnamurti … if you dare. Meanwhile:

What “should”, “rule” or “influence” might you release today?
What do you notice in its absence?
What is independent thinking?

What is YOUR wisdom?