Sometimes it’s the little things…

You've probably heard “sometimes it's the little things” in reference to what “he” does for you … or “she” does. This time, I'm actually thinking about “me”.

This past weekend, I let go of projects and what I could “work” on or even “should” do. I just let go. And in the space, I heard some things, some options that surprised me as they seemed to come from nowhere, and others which had resurfaced because there was space.

And I listened. And the weekend just flowed. Well, except for the Sunday afternoon football game (are you a Packer fan?) that is!

Here are a few of those little things:

  • I polished my dress black shoes!
  • Made the guest room bed after a week of letting the sheets hang out in a pile
  • Walked to Kohl's, found the perfect dress coat, and bought it. Here's the thing: this is the first new dress coat I've purchased in 30 years! I asked for help to make the experience easeful and was treated to a warm and friendly smile at the check out. For the first time ever, I think, I came home and completed the “how did we do?” survey!
  • Took time to cook a nice meal – for me
  • Enjoyed a bubble bath for the first time in many months
So what's the big deal? Well, I noticed a very grateful, peaceful, happy Jeanne when I got out of bed this morning. I believe it's because I listened to her spirit and gave her a few simple gifts, the greatest of which was to listen to her and pay attention.

How about you? While making a bed may not make your spirit happy, what would? What little things would make a big difference to your inner being today?

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