Soul Spa

What will you focus on? ~ Options for what we may do together ~ Resources available during your stay ~ My intention while you are here ~ How will you prepare? ~ In the days prior to your arrival … ~ What is your investment?

Close your eyes and breathe with me. When was the last time you nurtured you and only you? When was the last time you stepped out of the daily happenings of life to pay attention to your heart and soul, the essence of who you are as a precious, sometimes fragile, sometimes emotional, spiritually alive woman? When was the last time you received undivided attention from anyone, especially a wise and soulful woman whose mission is to restore the soul of humanity in service of conscious, spiritual evolution?

During your Soul Spa know this:

Your life – deep, expansive, intentional, true
is my passion.

Wholeness of body, mind, spirit, emotion for you and from me
is my promise.

Unwavering belief in you
is my gift.

Your Soul Spa is two days (*) with me in the privacy of my home where you settle in, set an intention, and then honor your spirit, your body, your emotional landscape, YOU. It is a personal retreat experience that we create together in service of what you most desire, what you want to focus on, how you want to be on the other side of the experience. During your stay, you will spend up to five hours each day with me in activities of your choosing and the remainder of the time discerning and experimenting with ways of honoring yourself: journaling, nourishment, creativity, sleep, physical movement.

(*) A shorter spa, one day, 9:00-4:00, is also an option.

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What will you focus on?
This is your personal soul spa. You are welcome to spend it any way you choose! Yet, here are some high level ways you may direct your energies during your time:

  • Rest, Rejuvenate, Reconnect within
  • Experience balance of mind, body, emotion and spiritual attention to YOU
  • Begin a coaching journey with Jeanne through an intensive exploration of where you’ve been and where you are going
  • Play with your creative muse
  • Move forward on a personal goal or project that needs dedicated time or space (your website, your book…) and a supportive mentor

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Options for what we may do together:

  • Life coaching sessions – any topic – the heart of our connection and the soul of your spa
  • Gentle yoga or stretching, on the mat or in a chair
  • Meditation – guided or not
  • Free dance movement
  • Walk or Hike, weather permitting
  • Learn to listen within to your inner voice
  • Explore journaling using inspirational tools
  • Co-creation of a new daily routine for your ongoing personal journey
  • Read from precious books like “Circle of Stones” by Judith Duerk
  • Inspirational music – I can sing for you
  • Personal conversation with Benjamin (*)
  • Co-create or brainstorm around the project you bring. My experiences as writer, workshop facilitator, speaker, IT professional, amazing proofreader are available to you during our shared time.
  • Open, safe, real exploration around areas that I am particularly experienced in: addiction and recovery, food abuse, leadership, spiritual growth, creative expression, thriving in the midst of 9-5 (in my case, a technology career)
  • You can even join me on the volleyball court at noon!

(*) Upon availability – Guide donation for Kirsty MacGregor is separate

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Resources available during your stay:

  • Private bedroom, bath and relaxation room (shared if you are here with another)
  • Collage/Vision Board materials
  • Various self-exploration worksheets that I may suggest if they seem relevant
  • Yoga mat
  • Treadmill
  • Shared kitchen
  • Meditation room
  • Library of inspirational books
  • Several coaching card decks to jumpstart your creativity and introspection
  • Piano and guitar
  • Restaurants and basic shopping in walking or short driving distance
  • Internet, TV (if you really want these!!)

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My intention while you are here:

  • Partner with you and help you remain accountable to your deepest intention
  • Be with you in the activities you choose for our together time – 5 hours each day (9:00-11:00 and 2:00-5:00)
  • Take great care of myself by continuing my daily practices of centering, journaling, exercise, healthy food choices, meditation, 8-9 hours of sleep
  • Hold you as fully capable of caring for yourself, your innermost needs, your physical wellbeing

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How will you prepare?
Review these questions, answer as you are led. Send your responses to me one week ahead of your spa.

During your Soul Spa …

  1. What does your Spiritual Self wish to experience?
  2. What does your Physical Self wish to experience?
  3. What does your Emotional Self wish to experience?
  4. What clarity around relationships, ways of being or life areas will you discover?
  5. What thoughts or belief systems would it benefit you to leave behind?
  6. What thoughts or belief systems would it benefit you to embrace?
  7. Do you have any questions, doubts, concerns, special needs or ways you know I could help make your experience ideal? Please share anything that will help you to be more present to your spa.

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In the days prior to your arrival …

  • Prepare your community for your absence with e-mail away messages, Facebook announcements and communicating to family, clients and colleagues your intention to be unavailable.
  • Clear your calendar for one or two full days following your spa as returning home can be challenging. This is time when you will integrate the learnings of your body, mind, heart and soul.
  • I will provide healthy salad fixings but do bring with you the food and drink that most nourishes your body. We are all so very different in this regard.
  • Pack lightly, comfortably. Bring clothing that you love and which serves you in physical movement. Bring your favorite journal. If you sleep on a must-have pillow, bring it! Then allow space. There will be plenty of inspiration in the form of books, questions, objects, creative expression available to you.

Even as you are tempted to hurry up and get everything done before your spa, this is actually a time to slow down, begin to prepare your energy to be fully present with you. Whatever can wait, waits. Whatever another can help you with, ask. Whatever truly needn’t ever be done, let it go. Block off time in your third day home to revisit the list of things you had put off.

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What is your investment?

  • My intention is to be a sacred and safe place for you to experience wholeness by offering everything that Life has taught me to-date. There is no way to put a price tag on wholeness. Perhaps that is why women, especially in the western world, experience it so rarely. I am ready to trust the Universal flow of energy in all its forms: time, talent, financial.
  • My request of you is that you receive the experience. Then consult your heart to discern the value you received and gift that back to me as a donation to my work in the world. If it helps, consider what you would spend if you went on a retreat elsewhere, took a vacation or invested in life coaching at $90/hour.
  • My gift to you is a full set of Inspiration Cards and my book, What’s Alive In Me Now? Time for the journey of your life!

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