When inspiration is lacking …

… what do you do? How do you be with the time or the task in front of you when the spark is absent, the desire to do “it” doesn’t exist?

Today, I wanted to write something for you, something inspiring, something that you’ll be glad you read. And … I couldn’t find a topic that inspired me enough to want to share it with you! Oh I tried! Without a new idea, I opened up old draft posts and tried to finish them. And boy was it work! And what I wrote? Not so good.

Sometimes the work in front of us requires that we execute whether or not we are inspired. Sometimes it doesn’t. Always, however, the energy we bring to the task at hand has great impact. Consider the “task” of disciplining a child, leading a team meeting, lunch with a friend, intimacy with a partner, writing a blog post. Now imagine that “task” completed with the energy of excitement, love, connection, joy, purpose! Now imagine it completed with the energy of bored, afraid, angry, “just get it done”, distracted, uninspired.

Which energy would you want to receive …
from your parent, supervisor, friend, partner, me?

The next time you lack the energy, the inspiration, that would best serve the “task” at hand, ask if it can be postponed. If so, don’t do it now! Otherwise,  take a moment to vision the impact if you proceed from the energy you currently feel. If you don’t like the vision, ask yourself:

What would shift my energy?
What would inspire me to bring full, engaged presence?

What would it take for me to be inspired?

What is YOUR wisdom?