About Jeanne

Jeanne Loehnis, Inward Journey Life Coach with Songs For Your Spirit, LLC, infuses everything she does with her soulful passion for life. She is a breath of fresh air, a partner on the nearest park bench who listens deeply for the cries of your soul, the song in your heart, your dreams unfulfilled. Jeanne hears and reflects what you’ve forgotten or are afraid to speak aloud. She cradles you as you discover and release what blocks movement toward your vision. With Jeanne at your side, you will feel the courage and strength to step out with bold authenticity in your life. She knows how powerful you are and will remind you when you forget.

For almost forty years, Jeanne has journeyed through addiction and recovery and expressed herself creatively as composer, writer, poet, performer and speaker. She has expanded spiritually and embraced a way of being that empowers and grounds her in each moment. Jeanne holds the spiritual evolution of human consciousness as her vision.

Intentional about spiritual, emotional and physical health and wellbeing, Jeanne practices yoga and meditation and playfully enjoys pickleball, racquetball, volleyball, hiking and long walks. Believe it or not, the overlay to all of this is a 30 year career in information technology as programmer/analyst and manager at Lawrence University, a 40 year marriage and the parenting of two young men.

Jeanne’s unique mix of creativity and life experience supports her ability to be with any and every topic the client brings to coaching.


  • Expanding spiritual awareness through the teachings of Adyashanti and Benjamin since 2011.
  • Completed the Co-Active Leadership Program (200 hours) with the Coaches Training Institute in 2010
  • Completed the core curriculum Co-Active Coach Training (116 hours) with the Coaches Training Institute in 2009
  • Personal life coach, Maripat Abbott of More Peace Life Coaching since 2006
  • Employed by Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin as programmer, analyst, manager for 30 years, 1981-2011
  • Earned a B.A. in Music from Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin in 1981
  • Truth student, using the teachings of Unity and Science of Mind (Center for Spiritual Living), since 1995.
  • Practicing the principles of 12 step recovery since 1983.
  • Church musician in various capacities (keyboard, flute, singer, choir director, songwriter) since 1972-2016