Inspiration Cards

How do I use the cards? ~ What do folks say about them?

Are you:

  • always inviting yourself into a richer, more authentic, more powerful life?
  • a life coach, workshop facilitator or manager who believes in the power of your clients’ or team’s creativity?
  • a dear friend looking to invite those around you into a deeper awareness of the unique and personal gift that they are?
  • a business owner who promotes wellness in all of its forms? Would those waiting for services be delighted by some fresh pondering material?

Each Inspiration Card is a sturdy, glossy, 4×6 inch gift. On the back of each card are 15-20 questions to motivate you into out-of-the-box thinking, magical imagining, and deep connection with the creative spirit that is your deepest, truest self.

Sample questions:
What fear do you face?
What is it like to meet it
eye to eye?
What scary beasts
are really gentle?
Where do you stand tall?
What lifts you higher?


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Sample questions:

What illuminates your vision?
What distorts the view?
What is your definition of infinite?
What is your
Yes, please?
How do you say
No, thank you?


How do I use the cards?

  • Journaling prompts for any situation
  • Brainstorming for teams and team projects
    • Ask each team member to select a card that represents a strength they bring to the team or project
    • Go around the team and ask each person to share about their strength
  • Enhance your next workshop with:
    • As an icebreaker
    • Invite each participant to choose a card that reflects their intention for the workshop ahead
    • As a closing ritual, have each participant choose a card that best reflects their learning from the workshop that is ending
  • Use as the foundation for your next workshop
  • View and purchase cards for ready-to-go team workshops or retreats, experiences for HS or college students, Wellness Fairs
  • Invite a stuck client to select the collage that calls to them and then go with the questions
  • Allow the collage to inspire you – what images come to your being?
  • Close your eyes and point to a question
  • Suggest one question to your client as the week’s inquiry
  • Respond to the two questions that most excite you
  • Respond to the two questions that most frighten you
  • Distribute the cards in your waiting area
  • Share them with potential clients to inspire excitement
  • Add them to gifts for a fun touch

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What do folks say?

I love these cards so much! At booths and fairs, I like to spread them out on my table and have people pick one using their intuition. If they are open to it, I let my intuition select a question from the back which they answer and we discuss. They sometimes cry. It’s so good. 💝

Sarah Crawford, Ontological Life Coach, Sitawi Life Coaching, LLC

Very few people ask questions that cause you to stop and reflect, and that is unfortunate, because great questions can lead to miraculous change in your life. Jeanne Loehnis, however, has cleverly provided the questions that can be accessed at any time on her Inspiration Cards. I have used them in my own life when feeling a need for inspiration and always discover a new awareness. I have also tucked an Inspiration Card in greeting cards for a unique and special touch, as well as given a whole set for birthdays and holidays. The receivers of these gifts always comment on their uniqueness and their ability to transform perspective. Thank you, Jeanne, for questioning me into a better person!

Maripat Abbott, CPCC

Inspirational images and messages leap off the cards, pushing you to question yourself and your path. I have found the coaching cards to be a beautiful reminder of mindfulness, intention and truth. I post them on my desk where I can see the messages every day.

Frances Perkins
Producer, Northtown Productions

Jeanne’s Inspiration Cards are uniquely creative and wonderful. With seeming effortlessness, she assembles images and words that subtly touch one’s mind in order to provoke thought, growth, and general reflection.

Benjamin Willard
Applications Development Manager, Lawrence University

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