I Can’t Do It All!

The truth about choices is this:

Often one precludes another

Time spent “here” means it isn’t spent “there”, at least not now.

It has been about seven weeks since I began an experiment: modify my schedule by moving most appointments to the afternoon in order to free up mornings, Monday-Friday. In that time frame, I have the option of playing two hours of weather-dependent Pickleball with an additional hour of travel and clean-up.

Here’s what I didn’t wholly account for when I made this choice: Continue reading “I Can’t Do It All!”

I Don’t Want To!

I think I’m having a temper tantrum. The calendar suggests that it is time to write to you. Everything else in my being is screaming, “No, don’t want to!”. I’d rather listen to the birds, feel this cool, fresh morning air, follow my breath. And I am aware that there is no one who can make me write to you (or do anything for that matter).

But, there is a voice, or many of them, inside my head. Which of these can you identify for yourself? Continue reading “I Don’t Want To!”


I am about to leave town for a family vacation. Truthfully, my brain is already in vacation-mode and my willingness to write to you is waning. It occurred to me that perhaps I need to write about what is most present for me! Since we are heading into summer, a time when many folks take vacations, this actually makes sense. So, here we go!

What is your relationship to “vacation”? Continue reading “Vacation”

I am not strange …

… I am a limited edition! A friend shared this with me earlier today. When I looked up the source, I found the original quotation from author, J.T. Geissinger:

“I’m not weird, I’m limited edition.”

My friend and I were talking about expressing our true selves, daring to live “my” life, and not some watered down version of life based on who “you” think I “should” be.

Yet, I bet you all have met some eccentric folks, living their lives, their way. Continue reading “I am not strange …”

Checking in …

How do you check in with yourself each day? Does your morning start with an intentional pause to discern things like:

  • What MUST happen today?
  • Who needs a bit of attention today?
  • How prepared am I for what’s ahead?
  • What do I need to get grounded and ready?

I’ve had a “morning practice” for many years now, though it has changed many times. Recently, I made yet another change — inspired, actually, by a strong sense that my “grounding check-in” was actually ungrounding me and rendering me less prepared for the day ahead than before I got out of bed!


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