Where did my passion go?

I used to feel motivated for this work. I was excited, unstoppable, energized. Now I feel dead inside. What happened to me? Where did my passion go?

Sound like you?

If so, then what follows is just one perspective you may find helpful.

I think of passion as an energy we all have. Some of us have been fortunate enough to find clarity on just what fuels our passion energy as well as an outlet for its expression and simultaneous refueling. Even if this is the case, we are at risk of disconnection, of feeling like we’ve lost our passion, of burnout.

But I don’t think we LOSE our passion energy!

If you think you have lost yours, just maybe you need:

  • a break
  • to re-evaluate how you are investing your passion energy
  • an adjustment, a re-balancing of passion and other activities
  • some fun!
  • rest

The recommendation of every personal trainer I know is: work it, rest it, work it (thought I don’t always follow this advice!). Today – this muscle group; tomorrow – that one. Often, with passion, we forget the “rest it” step or we believe it’s not an option.

I encourage you to set aside that “not an option” belief and dare to:

  • take a REAL lunch break today
  • get away for a weekend yet this month
  • crawl in bed with a good book for the afternoon
  • go to a movie

If you are so far down the burnout trail that a break won’t help, consider a sabbatical: one – two – six months. Engage the support you need to follow through, to re-evaluate, to rediscover YOU.

What if you don’t?
What are you waiting for?

(*) Two books I’ve read this month which may inspire you too: The Joy of Burnout by Dina Glouberman and Tuesdays With Morrie by Mitch Albom.


We’ve all met face to face with them – the hard and fast (or soft and arbitrary) deadlines we’ve been asked to meet. Whether is’s a task at work, the child needing a ride to practice that begins in two minutes, or the self-imposed, “I should call so-and-so who is struggling.”, deadlines seems to be a non-negotiable part of life.

BUT … I am writing to suggest that we just might want to reconsider something. Really, DEADlines? How many of the things we label deadlines really are a matter of life and death? Continue reading “Deadlines!”

Supporting Roles

Where are you in a supporting role? What energy do you bring? What characters support your starring roles?

Awhile back, I learned about many organizations in this community that do great work. I met some of the talented folks who have created programs which serve others and who do the work to make it happen.

As a life coach, I am often inviting folks to vision what they can create, what they are uniquely prepared to offer our world. We often imagine the business or program they will start, the book they will write, the “something new” that is theirs to manifest.

Yet, too often we forget both the supportive others we need in order to live into our dreams and the supporting roles we are meant to “star in”. Continue reading “Supporting Roles”

What about YOU?

Recently we’ve explored relationships, considered investing deeply in one that we care about, releasing others which aren’t serving us in an effort to simplify. We’ve peaked at life from the toddler’s view and seen that assuming the best in people might be helpful. (*)

Today, we consider the most primary relationship in your life: YOU. You are the one person you can never walk away from, the one person whose choices, beliefs, health and well-being, actions and in-actions will ALWAYS affect you.

What is your relationship with you?

Continue reading “What about YOU?”

Lesson from a toddler

When was the last time you were fully present with an infant or toddler? I’ve had the privilege of babysitting a grandson many times during his first 16 months. With an intention of “full attention” to him, I’ve learned so much! But one lesson stands out and bears repeating and practicing elsewhere in my life:

the child loves … and assumes you are good, loving, helpful

Continue reading “Lesson from a toddler”