Listen to your body

Think about this. Our body is the vehicle through which our spirit impacts the world around us. The body is a sensitive source of awareness, intuition, answers. It knows what it needs and it often knows what you need! Yet, so often the body is ignored and merely used to manifest the intellect’s desires.

Stop. Close your eyes. Breathe. Send that breath deep down past your throat, into your chest and beyond – to the very tips of your toes. Let it go. Breathe in again. Send that breath energy to every part of your physical being. Feel it. Notice your finger tips, hips, feet, skin come alive!

What do you notice?
What does your body need?
What wisdom resides in your body?

Get off the dime …

… and just begin. Yes, that’s it. Sometimes we have a vision of what we desire, of how we want to be, or what we would like to do in this lifetime – but we’re stuck and don’t know how to get there. In these times, try this:

  1. Pause
  2. Breathe
  3. Jot down 3 or more steps you could take in the direction of your desires
  4. Take a step

Each and every day we get the chance to begin again, take a step, until the day we no longer wake up. You can choose to stand on a dime today – again – or not! It’s up to you!


The “Structure”

Coaching sessions are often very powerful. Clients leave with a deeply felt awareness, an intention to make change happen in their lives. That same awareness can happen by reading a book or poem or saying or having a deep conversation with a friend. You are inspired!

Then life hits. Busyness, forgetfulness, distractions – the reality of day-to-day life interferes with great intention and powerful desire. One way clients stay “on track” is by creating “structures” which remind them of plans and goals, dreams and new ways of moving in the world. Structures work when they are carefully chosen and match your personal style. Here are a few examples: Continue reading The “Structure”


What comes to mind when you hear the word “celebrate”? In what ways do you celebrate? Most of us have participated in some of the common types of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, major accomplishments. Yet, what more is possible here? What about celebrating what it took for you to do “that” – your courage, persistence, energy? What about celebrating failures – those amazing flops that have formed us, taught us, shaped us? And what does celebrating a birthday really mean? What if celebrating a birthday was celebrating a life in all its wonder to-date and all that is yet to come?

And what is the impact of celebration?

Continue reading Celebrating


Curiosity is powerful. As soon we think we know “the answer” to “it”, as soon as we apply the brakes, we have shut down our ability to learn and grow, expand and transform. As long as there is another question, another opening, there is room for more.

In what areas of life do you consider yourself an expert?
In what ways are you “satisfied”?
If you released the brakes, what more is possible?

If you got curious, what would you discover?

Inspiring your unique life journey