My thanks goes to each person here who has been willing to share their experience of me as a person and coach. May their testimonials help guide you in making the important decision about coaching in your life. In gratitude … Jeanne

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I could never thank you enough for the beautiful gift of clarity I received in your space last Friday. I have recognized all kinds of fabulous, self-nurturing things that had fallen by the wayside over the last couple of months and have made a commitment to reengage in self-compassion BIG TIME! You are such a wonderful gift in my life.

Lynn M, July 2017

First and foremost I think you are extraordinarily gifted at what you do: you’re present; your caring is palpable; you’re quietly (humbly) smart; and you’re quick to sniff and point out bullshit (in a delightfully nonthreatening way). I love the way you sum up our sessions; I love that it feels like you see me and care about my growth; I love that you send me unexpected songs and other motivating tidbits. You mean me well, in the best sense of those simple words, and all of this has been the sunlight that’s called forth new growth. Different and dormant parts of me have been unfolding over such a short period of time that my heart swells (and, yes, I can feel it expanding in my chest cavity ). (Oh, and you think I’m funny which makes me love you even more—tee hee.)

Chris A, March 2017

Jeanne Loehnis is truly an awesome life coach that inspired me to step into my power. With her nurturing presence and guidance it became very easy to move in the direction of my spirit and my purpose here on this planet. As I received new awareness, new behaviors started to enhance powerful daily life changes. A shift in my perspective was the result. The energy that I received while working with Jeanne was truly magical! I highly recommend checking into www.SongsForYourSpirit.com so that you can learn to sing with your spirit.

Cherie Lindberg, Owner Get Connected Counseling, LLC, Appleton, WI, June 2013

Jeanne is a natural helper and healer. Her caring and warmth flow from her so easily that you immediately feel very comfortable. She quickly zeroes in on the core of what is being said and reflects or reframes it as appropriate and always so very helpfully. It’s like she’s standing with you but can see ahead of you and then gently leads you to where you really want to be. She has our highest regard and we highly recommend her to anyone seeking a life coach.

Bedford Hines, M.A., Counselor/Therapist, 2010
Barbara Hines, M.S., Family and Marriage Counselor

I’ve known Jeanne for over a decade, and am continually amazed by her courageous dedication to her personal and professional journeys. She is one of my “wayshowers” – she walks her talk and inspires me to do the same. I’ve witnessed her continually step out of her comfort zone in order to stand more fully in her own strength. She is a life coach who challenges herself every bit as much as she challenges her clients! If you are looking to be encouraged, heard, supported and gently nudged to access the unsung songs in your life and heart, Jeanne is your ideal partner.

Maripat Abbott, CPCC, 2010

Thank you so much for pushing the envelope with me yesterday. You are really very good at jumping on the roller coaster and takin’ the ride … with enthusiasm, I might add! You believe, and help set the fast track. I get to experience break-thru moments, your faithful guidance and a sense of complete assurance that WE — in the biggest sense of the word — are traveling … together!!!! I feel your companionship, compassion and support deeply and vividly while we explore!

I’m going to get back into my journal now but I wanted to tell you how much I love you…. and I don’t have words for it. Your vision and trust enriches/expands my life. I absolutely appreciate that you value this space/time for us to co-create as much as I do.

Linda Galow, Neenah, WI, October 2013

I have searched and searched for the right words to let you know how thankful I am to have you as my life coach. Our journey together is one of the most remarkable things that has ever happened in my life. Your encouragement, passion, compassion and you always having the right words was amazing. While I didn’t hear it at first, you taught me how to open my heart, my soul, my core! You started the dance. At first I just stood there and you showed me how to hear the music everywhere. I am still hearing it … and still dancing! And all I can say is “Thank you!”.

Diane Lautenschlager, Greenville, WI, November 2013

I work with Jeanne as a life coach; the time we spend together each week is something I look forward to immensely — it grounds me and helps me open my heart and mind as I move into the week. Each session is a beautiful time for reflection, healing, pondering, opening to new ideas, and/or going in a totally unexpected yet needed direction. Jeanne’s ability to be present, listen, and hear what is being said behind the spoken words is a huge gift. Many, many thanks, Jeanne!

Robin Massey, Author and Speaker: Teens and Social-Emotional Learning, Palo Alto, California, November 2013


Jeanne is genuine, open, creative and incredibly focused on understanding and meeting her clients’ needs. It’s easy to feel comfortable with Jeanne; she exudes warmth and empathy from the moment you meet her, and her devotion to helping others find their true direction in life is clear in every interaction. Her intuition and wisdom allow her to see the path that is right for you, perhaps even before you can see it yourself. A journey of transformation is not easy, and Jeanne will challenge you along the way – but always with deep respect, honoring the spirit within you and never pushing further than you are ready to go. If you are ready to work toward a real and lasting change in your life, then you need to meet Jeanne!

Judi Ditzler, Appleton Editor, January 2012

Jeanne Loehnis has one of the most kind, open and warming hearts of anyone I have met and had the pleasure of getting to know. Not only is she an amazing life coach but she is a wonderful and caring person whose mission is to help others open their hearts by opening her heart to them.

In the time that I spent with Jeanne, I was not only able to open my mind and my heart to her, but she taught me how to open my heart and trust in other people, and most importantly to trust in myself. She listened with a deep respect for me and pushed me towards finding the right and perfect path for myself. I will forever be grateful for the work I’ve done with Jeanne and would recommend her to anybody who is in need of guidance, an open ear or is just looking for a true friend.

Kelsey Cavanagh-Strong, Lawrence University, class of 2011

I have had the valuable opportunity to spend time with Jeanne that was really difficult for both of us. Thanks to her incredible openness and willingness always to face new challenges, we both were able to set the hardship aside and unblock loads of creativity from within each of us.

Co-leading a workshop with Jeanne in Poland was an unforgettable experience to me. I feel I have never met a person so reliable and trustworthy as Jeanne. She is able to commit 100% to what she is just doing, staying gentle and vulnerable, at the same time being available for everybody who seeks inspiration. For me she is also a model of diligence.

Courageous woman, born to fly high!

With gratitude,
Maria Piechnik-Potega, CPCC, Warsaw, Poland, Summer 2010


Our staff was offered the unique opportunity to experience the Artist’s Way workshop with Jeanne as a group. At the start, not all team members were convinced that the time spent together or alone would be worth the possibilities of what could be… What an amazing journey it was! The class gave the staff the chance to learn and grow personally as well as create a stronger bond and support system as a group. The added benefit was Jeanne’s ability to guide and encourage team members, meeting them where they were at and supporting them where they were going. The experience was one I’d recommend for any person or group with a desire to experience the possibilities of what could be…

Jane D Zaretzke BA SAC, 2010
Counselor/Site Supervisor
Casa Clare; A Division of Mooring Programs Inc.
201 S. Glenridge Ct.
Appleton, WI 54914
Phone 920-731-3981

I am deeply appreciative of Jeanne as the facilitator, her groundedness, gentleness in tone, thought and spaciousness of spirit allowed grace to pour into all of our lives. She set the stage for transformation allowing each of us to speak our truth, honor and nurture the other, grow and to laugh!

What a gift she is and has as she provides tools to assist in exploring how to be our true, authentic selves.

Linda Sailer, Oshkosh, WI, April 2009