Coaching Client’s Job Description

In coaching, 80% of the journey is made between sessions, in the day to day happenings of life and the completion of commitments made during coaching. In order for you to succeed, we both must uphold our part of the relationship. As coach and trusted partner in this relationship, I will show up 100% for you and with you, prepared for whatever you bring forth in our sessions.

As the ideal coaching client:

You can say with confidence: 

I claim responsibility for my life. I live with intention and purpose. I open to the excitement and challenge, the joys and changes required to become all that I aim to be. I am ready to grow and to embrace my fulfilling life.

You accept your responsibilities:

  • I respect the coaching relationship and come prepared with a topic. I am on time and fully present in each session. I take sufficient notes around my commitments so I am able to follow through.
  • I trust my coach to help navigate the conversation as I freely share my thoughts and insights from the deepest truth I know in the moment.
  • I allow the coaching process to transform me at depth by embracing the inherent challenges and the excitement of change, and by willingly exploring not only the exciting and naturally joyous topics, but also the shadow side which will surface at times during the sessions.
  • I incorporate coaching into daily life by creating habits and structures which keep the learning alive between sessions and by following through on commitments made.
  • I honor the relationship with my coach between sessions by sharing joys and sorrows, celebrations and blocks with short phone messages or e-mails.
  • I respect the coach as a hired professional by paying for services as agreed to and by addressing needed changes in appointments according to the mutually agreed upon commitment.

You meet these requirements:

  • I truly desire a life of fulfillment, passion, joy, and depth.
  • I am willing to discover and release what no longer works.
  • I am excited to explore my inner landscape by opening and stepping through doors long since closed and those not yet discovered.
  • I make time and energy devoted to my coaching journey.
  • I am not currently in therapy addressing emotional issues or addictive behaviors. {NOTE: Sometimes a partnership with you and your therapist works well. If this applies to you, let’s talk about it.}
  • If I am an addict, I am in recovery and not actively using my substance of choice.