Sessions and Rates

Your life – deep, expansive, intentional, true
is my passion.
Wholeness of body, mind, spirit, emotion for you and from me
is my promise.
Unwavering belief in you
is my gift.

Coaching is a co-creative journey of inner and outer transformation that includes:

  • one-on-one sessions in person, over the phone, or via Skype, ZOOM or Hangouts, ideally 3-4 times/month for the first few months
  • follow-up summary via e-mail of each session with additional ideas for your “in-between work”
  • e-mail support as you desire it and intuitive thoughts from me as they appear between sessions
  • your powerful “commitments to action” between sessions (read the client job description)

What does Jeanne bring to the relationship?

I know myself to be a breath of fresh air, a partner on the nearest park bench. I listen deeply for the cries of your soul, dreams unfulfilled. I hear and reflect what you’ve forgotten or are afraid to speak aloud. I cradle you as you discover and release what blocks movement toward your vision. I stand at your side as you feel the courage and strength to step out boldly in your life. I know how powerful you are and will remind you when you forget.

You benefit from my personal health and wellness practices of body, mind, spirit, emotion which result in my 100% availability to you during our time together. In service of your expansion and growth, I am committed to the ongoing deepening of my intuitive abilities and creative expression. Explore everything at to get a peak into my creative and spiritual journeys.

Try Coaching

Before entering into a coaching relationship, please gift yourself with an exploratory session to experience coaching first hand. It is the relationship between coach and client which holds the power you draw from as you step forward boldly and courageously in service of your life expression. We’ll talk a bit – coach a bit – debrief. Are we meant to work together? Is now your time?

Coaching rates

Your financial investment for ongoing coaching with Jeanne is:

Regular session rate: $90/hour; $60/half hour