You Don’t Know Me

You don’t know me, I have changed –
inside, my thoughts, all rearranged.
Confused awhile yet now I place
less stock in what the mind creates.

I see with eyes which look beyond
the rules defining human bonds.
The Soul which lives as me, as you,
is not confined to trite “I do”

for It loves all as Soul connection
seeks to further Life’s intention.
Simply growth, awareness, joy,
not perfection, wealth or ploy.

You don’t know me, here as Soul,
present to the sacred whole.
Yet I see you as you are –
ever changing, reaching far.

Human paths we travel on,
side by side from dusk till dawn.
Souls they journey, free to fly –
unique and precious, you and I.

by Jeanne Loehnis, May 2012

With You

With you there is a love
that fills the air we breathe:
a gentle understanding,
a common thread we weave.

With you I’m not afraid
to show the essence that is me:
the good, the bad, the ugly.
For, through all, your love I see.

With you my heart’s desires,
treasured dreams that I hold dear,
are safe from scorn and laughter
so I trust and freely share.

With you I have a friend
who ever seeks to understand
the hopes and joys and challenges
which make me who I am.

And though it may be hard
to believe what I now say:
“I love you more than ever
on this precious Christmas day!”

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2005

Where We Are Whole

Oh that you would stop to see
the glory that is you
for we do choose who we will be
each day our whole lives thru.

And if our choices we deflect
for others’ lofty goals
in essence we have chosen
to betray our sacred souls.

Yet if, instead, we choose the way
of deep and inner passion
withholding not our energy
and from ourselves do fashion

a life of deepest knowing
as we flow throughout our days
then by the river of our making
will the neighbors stop and graze.

Strengthened by the life that teems
from all that we project,
each blessed man and woman
will have learned to self-protect…

and listen to the calling whispered
deep within our souls
and see with utmost clarity
a purpose and a goal.

And we will choose to feed the hunger
deep within our soul.
And we will feed each other
from this place where we are whole.

What Will I Give You This Christmas?

I searched my mind and thought real hard of presents that I’d give you.
And nothing spoke directly. Nothing screamed “It’s me! I’ll do!”
I tried the shopping frenzy, read the ads and checked the sales.
And still I came up empty. I knew stores would surely fail.

And so I stopped to wonder why, with retail options plenty,
nothing was the perfect gift for my dear loving family.
Ah! “That was it!” my heart replied. The gift that was to suit you
must be created in the love that every day does fill you.

And then I listed all the ways you’ve shared what’s in your heart:
homemade cards and salsa, photographs were just a start.
And then the royal feast, creations tasty and so vast!
I saw that you had filled each one with love so sure to last …

until we’d meet again — maybe not for months to come.
For each of you is busy being love in your home town.
So back unto the task at hand, to find a way to say,
“Thank you for the love you are today and every day.”

And then I knew my gift must speak directly to your soul.
And I know only one way — it’s the music that I mold
within my heart and soul which asks that you now look inside
and find the hidden splendor that you are this Christmastide.

Yes, you are a treasure. You are love and you are light.
You are the gift of Christmas — I see it as your life.
So please receive the gift you are, so holy and so rare,
the blessing you give others as yourself you freely share.

What Is It?

What is the door I must step through
to completely embrace the all of You?
What is the work I must pursue
to show the world all that You do?

What is it I still cling unto
which hides from me a wider view?
What is the key that will unlock
the chains which bind and trip and block?

What do I hold in heart and mind
which fills the space and so does bind?
Heavy the weight I pull behind.
Slowly progress yet fail to find

the freedom I seek, for fear o’er takes
when carrying burdens in my wake.
What need I now release to make
the room I need as I now stake

my claim to all You give to me
this day, tomorrow, eternity?
What is it that I must believe
if Your Love fully I would receive?

Spirit, my guide, my soul, my friend,
You are in charge and I must bend
and cease my desire to defend
for unto me sweet love You send.

So now, this day, I trust and know
that as I choose You, I do grow.
This is the way, the only door
that I must cross. My life is Yours.