Messages For Your Spirit

Are you part of a group seeking inspiration? What impact would your group receive from an empowering positive message, delivered with energy, vitality and passion?

Are you a spiritual leader looking for the right person to lead your congregation when you are away? How about “Music and a Message”? As a long time New Thought student, music has been my primary means of understanding, personalizing, and incorporating this powerful message into my life. From this place of living the message, the following keynotes have formed into the ideal blend of meaningful music and powerful message.

  • Time to Re-Member  This message was originally delivered on the 15th anniversary of September 11, 2001. Beyond remembering that fateful day here in the US, we explored re-membering when our beings, body / mind / spirit / emotion, get out of balance and when the whole of that being gets dismembered from our soul, our deepest essence. Listen to this message HERE.
  • Creating From Silence  This unique message was an invitation to step outside the confines of our physical, intellectual, emotional beings, and from the inner silence and stillness, allow our souls to express. The Unity of Appleton music team was integral to the experience of co-creating with Spirit. Listen to this message HERE.
  • The Spiritual Journey: Why Bother?  If God is all there is and I am one with God, why do we bother with a spiritual journey? For that matter, what is it? Listen to this message HERE.
  • What’s Alive In YOU Now?  An introduction to the journey of your life – your human journey – your spiritual journey – our journey as humankind. Listen to this message HERE.
  • Love  Whatever the question, Love is the answer. If this is true, then what is Love? How do we live this Love as the answer? Listen to this message HERE.
  • The Ultimate Gift (a.k.a. (Don’t) Take It For Granted)  Each of us is a spiritual being. At depth, we are the unconditional love of Spirit. This ultimate gift of being alive often goes unrecognized, unreceived, unexplored. Refusing to receive our divine nature blocks us from the freedom of giving and receiving in this lifetime. In The Ultimate Gift, you are invited to discover in yourself where you block Divine Love and open to what it would be like to receive fully this precious gift. Listen to this message HERE.
  • Playful Spirit  Spirit lives in and as each of us. Spirit, by Her very nature, is playful, creative, joyful. As expressions of Spirit, we are meant to be happy, joyous and free though how that looks for each one us can be very different. In Playful Spirit, we explore what activates Spirit in you, what blocks Spirit’s expression, and ponder what it would be like to let go and let Spirit live us. Listen HERE.
  • Touched By The Ocean  The ocean is filled with lessons for our human experience – if we are open to receive them. Spirit shows herself to us in and through everything yet we often block her gifts. (Listen to Touched By The Ocean)
  • As Spirit Perceives  Are you a human being having a spiritual experience? Have you considered that you may be a spiritual being having a human experience? What is possible when you identify first with your spiritual truth, spiritual center, the connection to all that is – and then take the next human step? (Recording unavailable)
  • When the Power Goes Out  In human terms, the power goes out. Everything human eventually fails or dies. Spiritual power, energy, however, never goes out. How do we remain connected to Source? Listen HERE.
  • Freed By Belief  What do you believe? What do your actions say you believe? Where in life is there a disconnect and, therefore, an opportunity to take action in service of living true? (Listen to Freed By Belief and listen to the music we sang! Deep Within and Only One)
  • For the Sake of What? Why do you do what you do? What inspires you? When motivation lags, what larger purpose do you turn to? What would happen if you asked yourself, “For the sake of what will I …?” What if every action was in service of the larger purpose for your life? Listen HERE.
  • Unpack Your Way To God What walls have you built between you and a life lived in the flow of Divine inspiration, joy, possibility and magic? What does it feel like to immerse yourself in trusting the Universe for support as you unfold along this life journey? Listen HERE.
  • The Power of Perspective invites listeners to explore how we as human beings limit ourselves as we learn to navigate this thing called life. We work hard at “getting it right” and “figuring out what works”. Opening to other perspectives opens the door to immense and glorious possibility, to more of God. Listen HERE.
  • Jesus, Intuition and The Body Temple explores the potential relationship between the “miracles” Jesus performed and his amazing intuition and, from there, the link between intuition and the physical body. If Jesus’ instruction to us, “… and greater works than these shall you do”, are to be followed, what is our responsibility around growing our intuition and taking great care of our body temple? Listen to this message HERE.
  • Being A Contribution is part two from the book, The Art of Possibility, by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander. What are the rules in your game of life? Do you get caught up in success and failure, winning and losing? Are you willing to consider moving through life as someone who makes a difference? Are you willing to humbly acknowledge the gift that YOU are and offer it to the world? Listen to this message part I and part II.
  • Giving an “A” begins with ideas from Benjamin and Rosamund Zander in The Art of Possibility. Sharing personal experience, Jeanne goes on to suggest that each one of us has the choice to give ourselves and everyone around us an “A” for life! We are all expressions of Spirit on a lifelong journey and can choose to know that each of us is a perfect “A” right here and now. Listen to this message part I and part II.
  • Is Spirit Your Life Coach? Life coaching is a very powerful modality for connecting people with their inner passions, for lighting a fire of action under their dreams. The parallels between coaching and a positive, life-enhancing spiritual journey, are many. This keynote gives the listener new ways of claiming the power they already experience in their personal walk with Spirit. Listen to this message part I and part II.
  • What If It Doesn’t Matter? Based on The Dance by Oriah Mountain Dreamer, this keynote will inspire the listener to choose, act, and live from a place of wholeness and connection to all of life. Listen to this message part I and part II.
  • Today is YOUR Birthday! What if every day was truly a day of new birth and of awakening to the freedom, joy, openness, and wonderment of a child? Listen HERE.
  • And Greater Works Than These Jesus’ message was that we are to do greater works than he did. What miracles are yours to perform simply by claiming this directive, letting your light shine, and living as Spirit? Listen HERE.
  • Cherishing Your Creativity Each of us has a responsibility to the Master Creator to gift the world through the gifts that we have been given. We must develop those gifts and then co-create in the flow of Spirit. Listen HERE.

Which message would benefit your community? Is there another topic that would empower your community to its right and perfect work? Consider if your group would also like to gather for an hour of music woven in story or an interactive workshop. Contact Jeanne directly HERE.