What’s the story behind these cards?

It took about five years for me to receive the message from the Universe about this form of creativity. Okay, I am a bit slow! The first step was playing with my latent drawing talent (or “talent”!). The guitar in this collage:

happened onto a page. And the page went to the shelf not to be seen again for a long while. Then I participated in a collage activity with a group of recovering women. Although I paged through Oprah magazines and cut some inspiring phrases like “Be the woman you want to be!”, my saboteur was loud that day and I was sure I wasn’t creative enough to make a collage. So the phrases went in an envelope and found their way to another shelf for another year!

Then, while cleaning out the corners and lightening the load one day, I stumbled upon the guitar, the phrases, and a greeting card I’d received and saved which said:

“You shine like a star in your own special way and add a beautiful light to this world.”

And it hit me that I had all I needed to create a collage. “Be The Woman” happened … and found its way to another shelf!

Not until I’d been working many months with the inspiration found in the Points of You Coaching Game, did I feel called to do a little game creating myself. Suddenly, everything that entered my home: junk mail, cards, magazines and every greeting card that I’d saved in my scrap books became fodder for a collage! And collages screamed with coaching questions. And – oh – the hours of fun I’ve had since then!

Lest you think the rest of the story was a downhill joy ride, let me come clean. It took many messages from others about the beauty and value of these cards before I became willing to invest in them and have them printed. And ever so many more messages of support before I offered you the opportunity to purchase and distribute them.

What I know now is this: the Universe delights in showering us with creative nudges! The world is starving for each and every one of us to transform and share those nudges. The generosity of spirit which frees you to share your gifts empowers me to develop and share mine. I need you to inspire me to be all that I am meant to be! And the talents in me, when freely shared, inspire you.

So let these cards serve as inspiration, as a wake up call to the creative spirit in you. Discover, develop, and release your unique message into the world. The world is waiting!