The gift of life coaching is truly transformative! Working one-on-one with a professional who challenges and encourages you, who invites ever more of your innate potential to come forward is amazing.

And … nothing is more rewarding than witnessing another’s spiritual or creative growth. Everyone is a well-spring of potential waiting to be released into the world.

  • Are you and your friends or colleagues ready to be touched, guided, inspired and moved to action?
  • Does your hardworking team or service organization need a respite, a retreat to pause, reflect, re-energize?
  • Are you looking for a unique way to deepen relationships in your book group or even your circle of exercise partners?

Maybe you offer workshops to others and are looking for fresh ideas. If so, check out the ready-made offerings which utilize the unique Songs For Your Spirit Inspiration Cards. You’ll find them from HERE.

Imagine any of these experiences with a creative and dynamic life coach facilitating!

Be the Leader in Your Life!
How well do you listen for intuitive guidance from your inner wise one? How often do you heed the messages you hear? What would be different if you did? In Be The Leader In Your Life!, we will explore how vision, deep inner listening, self-awareness and courage feed into your life – a life where you are intentional and in charge. You are the one person on planet Earth that will walk with you from beginning to end. Is there anyone more deserving of your trust?

Plan to experience a very felt sense of the impact that current choices have on your life as well as the profound impact that you would experience from practicing full-on responsibility and self-leadership. Your whole being: body, mind, spirit and emotion is ready to lead you forward. This workshop is very hands-on (or heart in!). It’s about you having an experience as well as receiving tools that you can take with you and apply to other areas in your life. Length: 2 hours

Beyond Self-Care 101!
What is your definition of self-care? What personal habits and activities constitute self-care for you? What is their impact? In Beyond Self-Care 101!, we will explore how vision, thought, life purpose and intention feed into self-care choices. What possibly could make awesome self-care a non-negotiable for you? How would that impact your life? Length: 2 hours

Couples Dream Alignment
This workshop engages couples in a meaningful deep dive to uncover personal dreams and those you wish to share with your spouse. Some of what shows up is likely to be bucket list items! Along the way, you will come to understand your partner in a new and deeper way. You will learn places where, perhaps, you have grown apart through the years. By daring to ask over and over what is really important to your partner and by sharing your own truth, the two of you will be able to create future shared experiences which fulfill both of you! You will likely understand one another much better and want to support your partner on their personal dreams as well. Who in your neighborhood, workplace or spiritual community would delight in this experience? Length: 2-3 hours

Dwell in Possibility! a team building retreat
Your team, council, board or work group desires connection, collaboration, expansion and powerful visioning for what’s next. And, you are ready to help them set the foundation for this positive, co-creative energy. Dwell In Possibility! is for you and your colleagues. Each will experience personal opening through unblocking and intuitive listening while the group connects, listens to the whole, sets aside limitations and generates ideas toward unlimited possibility! Length: 5 hours

Inspired to Act on Your Dreams
Do you have dreams, ideas, plans, or goals that you keep putting off? Do you have hidden or latent talents that are yearning to be expressed? Do you feel the universal spirit calling you to more? This workshop is about self discovery. Come ask yourself: What are my gifts, talents, dreams, passions? What is calling to me? What am I ready to release? If I believed it was my responsibility to use the gifts I’ve been given, then what is mine to do? Length: 2-3 hours

Leading From Intuition
As a leader in our male-dominated business world, women too often leave their innate talents, those qualities that we associate with the feminine, out of the office and out of serious decision making. Yet, there is a wealth of information in our cells, in our heart and soul, which can open the door to creativity, magic, and amazing flow in all areas of life. Leadership is most importantly the act of empowering others to shine as together we discover what is needed in any situation. Inviting the intuitive wisdom of our beings to merge with the intellect and the physical reality of any situation can bring magic, flow, and synchronicity to the space. Length: 2-3 hours

Managing Your Most Precious Resource!
What is your most precious resource? Time? Money? Family? Health? In Managing Your Most Precious Resource! we will be asked to look in a different direction. What if we believed that energy – the very life that flows through our beings – was our most precious resource? What would be different in our day-to-day activities? How would we insure that this valuable commodity was at peak levels? How would we impact the world around us from this energized, filled up, place? Length: 2-3 hours

Navigating Life’s Transitions
The only constant in life is change! Learning to navigate changes in life, transitions big and small, is an art – and critical for your growth as a person and as a leader. Whether the change is by choice or by force, desired or dreaded, how you approach the journey is key to your “success”. Navigating Life’s Transitions will invite you to reflect on transitions in your career and/or personal life – perhaps one that you face today. We will explore what gets in the way, what makes change hard, how to shift, how to expand into what’s next, and how to know what “next” even is! Regardless of the transition you find yourself in or are anticipating, this workshop will provide helpful tools that can be used over and over. Learning to land on the other side of transitions feeling whole, strong, empowered, happy and alive is the goal of this workshop. Length: 2 hours

Opening Your Presence: the Gift that Keeps on Giving
The holiday season is often characterized as chaotic overload which comes crashing to an end in January when we “begin again”. What if you decided to receive this season as an invitation to inner peace, joy, wellness and wholeness? What if your vision was to arrive at January 1 with lightness and joy in your being, free and empowered to have an amazing new year? YES it is possible! Life offers us endless opportunities; ours is to focus on the presence that we are, the being that we bring to the moment. Join with professional life coaches, Sarah Crawford and Jeanne Loehnis, to: 1) identify the “non-negotiable” elements in your day-to-day wellness and in your holiday season, 2) become willing to release activities, beliefs, plans which do not hold meaning or value 3) leave with a commitment to take full responsibility for YOU and your vision for January 1. Length: 3 hours

The ZEN Leader – a book study
Whether you are in a leadership role or simply desiring expansive, positive leadership in your personal life, the book, The ZEN Leader is for you. Join with others to explore the 10 fundamental shifts that are guaranteed to expand your way of being. Bring a group together, perhaps colleagues on your leadership team or a circle of friends, and schedule class. Length: 10 weeks, 75 minutes each

The Power of Perspective
What feels stuck and needs a jump start, a bit of focused intention to get it moving? Where do you experience “tunnel vision” and know that “mine is the only way”? What dream or vision needs expansion into limitless possibility? The Power of Perspective invites you to bring your answers to these questions with you as possible places to practice using the power perspective. You will experience alternate points of view, become aware of inner excitement and potential, awaken joy and energy, and discover actions that will move you forward. Length: 3 hours