Women’s Circles

An experience where the only
agenda is connection …
where you find the courage …

… to be with your deep truths
and, when ready, speak them into the safe container we create together.

Who are you? Do you know? You matter. Do you know that? When was the last time you had the courage to hear the whisper of your heart and be witnessed sharing its message in a safe and confidential space?

Women’s Circle is a place, a safe, even sacred, circle of women where you will listen within and find both your courage and your voice. It is a place for emotional authenticity and intimacy (“into me see”). It is a place where you can speak or remain silent, laugh or cry, scream or whisper, dance or be still. It is a place where we know that you know what you need more than anyone else on planet earth. There will be no agenda, no fixing, no unsolicited guidance. You can connect with others once the circle closes – or not. Most importantly, you will hear the call of your own heart expressed by you. This is often all that any of us need in order to find clarity around life’s challenges and opportunities.

Each circle is a 5 or 6-week session with the intention of giving participants time to settle in to the experience which can be uncomfortable for some starting out.

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