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Everyone is a leader. Yes, you. Yes, everyone. Some of us lead large groups of people in an organized way. Some of us lead within the context of family and friendships. All of us have the responsibility to lead ourselves – to tend to our own lives – to create the world we choose to live in.

The Zen Leader book

The Zen Leader: 10 ways to go from barely managing to leading fearlessly, by Ginny Whitelaw,  speaks to changing ourselves, our perspectives and the energy we bring to our lives, in order to create the future we vision.

The chapter headings set the stage for what you can expect during our journey together:

  1. From Coping to Transforming
  2. From Tension to Extension
  3. From Or to And
  4. From “Out There” to “In Here”
  5. From Playing to Your Strengths to Strengthening Your Play
  6. From Controlling to Connecting
  7. From Driving Results to Attracting the Future
  8. From “It’s All About Me” to “I’m All About It”
  9. From Local Self to Whole Self
  10. From Delusion to Awakening

Sound intriguing? Scary? Different?
Does this speak to you?
Ready and willing to try a new approach?

Join a small group of women devoted to personal and professional leadership, women who are ready to practice self-leadership powerfully and transform themselves and the lives of those around them. Using Ginny’s book as a foundation, we’ll explore ideas together and return to the practice ground of our lives to experience  deep and transformative change.

When and how can you participate?

Future groups will come from you! Gather a small group of friends or colleagues and contact Jeanne to set up the day/time/frequency commitment that works for you. While the group itself is free of charge, you are encouraged to consider enhancing your personal journey in one of these ways:

  • two individual one hour coaching sessions with Jeanne during the group at the discounted rate (10% off) of $81 each
  • a full time coaching package with Jeanne for the duration, 11 sessions for $850

Read more about coaching with Jeanne HERE.

Buy The Zen Leader now! You may wish to pre-read the entire book before we begin the deep dive.

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