2020’s Perfect Vision

Recently I found myself journaling scraps of ideas about the year that is coming to a close:

  • a year of intensity
  • opening minds and hearts to previously unseen or ignored people and situations
  • opening to compassion for pain previously unseen, unimaginable
  • looking into the mirror to see where I’ve been complicit in the injustices around me

And then it hit me: 2020 is truly the year of perfect vision! The year has, in fact, sharpened my vision. The cataracts which blocked large segments of society’s dysfunction and injustice were stripped away. A light shown unto the whole and into the cracks and crevices to reveal both creativity, love, compassion, generosity and injustice, fear, anger.

So, are we – you and me – ready for perfect vision? Would we rather close ourselves off, shut our eyes, restore those cataracts, remove our glasses and choose to see only what fits our preferred paradigm? Will we choose to approach the happenings around us with This too! or, with No, not this!

2020 ripped off the band-aids and revealed so much on so many levels.

As this year draws to a close with so many unresolved situations in our midst, I invite each of us to ask:

What changed in my family, my “pod” during COVID restrictions?
What did racial injustice, shootings, protests and riots waken me to?
Waken within me?
What does wearing a mask, social distancing and quarantining
reveal to me about human connection?
In what ways am I called to heal the division that 2020 has revealed?

These are huge questions! Yet they are ones each of us is called to explore if our families, communities, our country and our world – if the human family – is to survive. Thank you for all the ways that you will focus on healing in the time ahead. You are a gift!

What is YOUR wisdom?