Ah……….! That's a big breath and a wide smile, eyes bright exhale. Are you with me? Try it!

Breathe in deeply and feel your belly first, then your chest expand as you take in the very source of life. Your physical being accommodates as needed to receive this beautiful gift.

Just the very fact that you are here in this day, able to take in a deep, healthy breath, is reason enough for that light to shine brightly through your eyes and your smile to stretch from ear to ear, yes?

Exhale. Take one more long and full inhale. Pause.

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Weapons of Self-Destruction

Ouch! But, yes, you read that correctly. We've all heard the phrase, “weapons of mass destruction”, but this week I used the phrase “weapons of self-destruction” with my leadership mentor. I was recalling a ceremony that we do during our leadership retreats called, “Burying Your Weapons”. Briefly, this is about identifying and releasing those attitudes, resentments, habits, … all that would get in the way of full participation in the learning that is ahead of us.

Often, the weapons I identify are those internal voices that I use to beat up on myself. I am learning to see them clearly and let them go … but they are powerful weapons and any use of them hurts!

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The Urge to SPLURGE!

It is Sunday morning here. I woke rested to discover an absolutely beautiful night sky, mild temperatures, and the idea to enjoy a backyard fire in the chiminea. So I followed the urge to let the tasks wait and gifted myself with the experience of hot, hazelnut coffee, a blazing fire, and simple peace.

Now I'm here with you and find myself again playing with words. Splurge comes to mind … and has within it that wonderful “urge” word:

(S)ense (P)owerful (L)ittle (U)rges? (R)eceive (G)od's (E)xtravagance!

Neat, huh? I've been noticing and following urges for the past week or so … and splurging. Not in grand, expensive ways, but honoring and paying attention in moments that present possibilities. Hearing the call to try something different. And going for it!

A few examples from my week:

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Welcome to Saturday, Labor Day weekend, Autumn weather here in Wisconsin… Welcome to a new day, a fresh moment, a new experience. What is here now?

Lately, I've been working with an idea that I'd like to share with you as it has been quite powerful for me. The idea?

Just notice!

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