Can she really ride the train by herself?

This is the question which I'm choosing to answer with “Yes!” in this moment. Remember, though, that I've lived in Wisconsin all my life and we don't have subways or trains – much. I have a car, a scooter, a bicycle, and two feet. But train stations with stops that have names I cannot spell or pronounce no matter how hard I try:

Scodmiescle (missing it's accent marks!)

However, a Lawrence alumna works about 5 minutes away from the downtown Warsaw train station and has time to chat with me this afternoon. With Maria's help,
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An American in Poland

Well … Maria went to work today (Wednesday) and I spent some time alone. I did much better with doors today and managed to get in and out of her apartment with ease. Hooray for me!

[it is now Thursday … time is limited for writing and I suspect will get more and more limited. Will I try to keep this going? I'm not sure yet!]

As for the American in Poland yesterday, I did TRY to talk to people when I was out and walking and in and out of the shops. Maria suggested that. What I found was … that no store owner spoke English! Some young boys said they didn't, but they enjoyed teasing me and then managed to say “What is your name?” and “Money?” And one of the store owners, when I returned in the evening, remembered my face … and smiled. I have not been greeted with many smiles on the sidewalks. Guess it is a mix in Wisconsin also – some folks are more inclined to acknowledge a stranger than others.
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The Challenge

Well, it is Tuesday evening in Poland and Maria is lovingly preparing dinner for the two of us. I could write about many things today – like the travel was smooth, easy, on-time. I connected with two perfect women along the way. The first, Claudia, shares my love of yoga, works with technology, and has dreams. In talking with Claudia (yes, my leadership Claudia, if you are reading this, I SO thought of you!), she talked of working with children, non-profits, around the world, … and guess what? There were Kim, Linda, and Debbie in my heart! If you are reading this and don't know what I'm talking about – not to worry! Just some leadership connections. The second woman, Helia and her daughter Lila, were visiting family. She was born in Poland and they now reside in Boston. She suggested I take in the older part of Warsaw, the museums, the parks and mountain villages.

Anyway, I could talk more about all of that. But I must tell you what just happened.
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Leaving on a jet plane

Good Morning!

I'm up and well and in a place of total amazement that this day is here. Today I have the opportunity to travel abroad and be greeted at the airport by a dear woman I am blessed to call friend. I thought you might want to meet her. Now, I agree that reading about someone isn't the same as being with them and experiencing their life energy, smiles, hugs, thoughts and dreams, visions and ideas, their life essence. But, in blog format, this is the best I can do. Meet Maria …
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If I am open, what is possible?

Here I am, on the verge of yet another life transforming experience!

Yes, I haven't written in quite awhile as my focus has been turned inward, practicing “being” rather than “doing”. Okay, yes, I have been “doing”. But, the doing has allowed for awareness of space, process, journey, growth. And it has allowed for self-acknowledgment of what I bring, who I am, how others perceive me, the gifts that are mine to offer.

So just what is around the corner?
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