You are an amazing and unique expression of Divine potential! Let your splendor be seen and felt and experienced!

What is your best?

Let’s travel back in time to take special note of every success, every powerful step, every time you “moved beyond” and claimed more of your deepest, truest, amazing self. If it helps, close  your eyes and breathe. Walk through the years or events, relationships or jobs, or simply the every day moments on your life journey.

With the picture of you radiating in these “positive” situations, look more deeply at the human being who showed up as you. Get curious:

What qualities (courage, perseverance, compassion, …) did I exude?
What was my impact?
What is possible when I am at my best?

NCRW … what’s that?

Who are you?

You are an amazing, living being with access to inner wisdom, intuitive knowing and unlimited creativity. You have within you all it takes to discern “next right steps” for your life and the ability to take those steps.

Who in your life sees you for who you really are?

Here’s the thing. Many of us don’t have that someone. Continue reading NCRW … what’s that?

Beautiful or Suffocating?

Rosslyn Chapel TrailWhat do you see here? What do your thoughts say concerning this image? Now close your eyes and imagine being the tree. What do you feel?

My experience of this tree is one of great strength, standing tall and proud. I am aware of deep roots, hidden from view, but deeply part of the whole. I am aware also of its leafy canopy, its unique “flowering”.

As the tree, I sense the presence of the “vine” which encircles my trunk. While beautiful, at times I see this “decoration” as restrictive, confining, suffocating.

What is your pure, strong essence?
What externals enhance your appearance?
Which restrict you?
What adjustments are yours to make?


What comes to mind when you hear the word “celebrate”? In what ways do you celebrate? Most of us have participated in some of the common types of celebrations like birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, major accomplishments. Yet, what more is possible here? What about celebrating what it took for you to do “that” – your courage, persistence, energy? What about celebrating failures – those amazing flops that have formed us, taught us, shaped us? And what does celebrating a birthday really mean? What if celebrating a birthday was celebrating a life in all its wonder to-date and all that is yet to come?

And what is the impact of celebration?

Continue reading Celebrating

The Gift in the Block

Often, on the journey of transformation and change, we experience roadblocks, detours, old behaviors and thought patterns, and old reactions to life. We may feel hopeless and think about giving up. We have known the freedom of forward movement and self-empowerment and this block has stripped us of this new energy, passion, and delight.

What we may fail to realize is that blocks are to be expected! Each block is another layer of internal programming ready to be released. Continue reading The Gift in the Block