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You are an amazing and unique expression of Divine potential! Let your splendor be seen and felt and experienced!

Leadership is a Gift

In The Art of Possibility by Benjamin and Rosamund Stone Zander we find:

Today was exceptional in that I learned leadership is not a responsibility-nobody has to lead. It’s a gift, shining silver, that reminds people huddled nearby why each shimmering moment matters. It’s in the eyes, the voice, this swelling song that warms up from the toes and tingles with endless possibilities. Things change when you care enough to grab whatever you love, and give it everything.

–Amanda Burr, student at the Walnut Hill School

I have been known to think – and write:

Everyone is a leader.

and to think of it as a responsibility to develop in ourselves the traits, talents and strengths of our leadership and to share ourselves with the world: to be the change, to lead.

Yet, this young woman, a high school student at a school for the arts, suggests that:

No one has to lead.

We choose. And we choose to give a very precious gift when we lead, especially when we lead by “grabbing whatever we love and giving it everything.” And what we give is the reminder that life itself – each moment – matters.

So why do we hold back,
let those precious moments
when we could be the one stepping up as leader,
pass by?

Do any of these resonate?

  • Not me, I’m not skilled enough
  • Not me, I don’t have time
  • Not me, I did it last time
  • Not me, she could do it so much better
  • Not me, I’m too scared to put myself out there

Out where? Out where you might be seen, where your generosity, courage, willingness might actually change another’s life? How about out in that land of endless possibilities where you might change the course of YOUR life?

Next time – at work, at home, in relationship, crossing the street, wherever you are – when the voice inside says:

Do it. Yes, you. Lend your idea. Engage your heart. Now!

remember… leadership is a choice, a gift to you and to those you impact. In the words of Karen Kimsey-House, Co-Founder and CEO of Coaches Training Institute (CTI), co-author of Co-Active Coaching and Co-Active Leadership:

Jeanne, the world needs leaders now.
Get out of your shit and lead!

What’s stopping you?
What leadership choice can you make now?
What gift is yours to give today?

(*) For a unique, powerful and positive journey into the land of your leadership, check out The Zen Leader and join other women on the journey this fall.


Be True to YOU!

When was the last time you paused to wonder:

Who am I?
What really matters to ME?
Am I being true to myself?

Some of you may be thinking, “How selfish!” There is too much good work to do in this life to worry about what matters to me. There are so many less fortunate than me and my job is to give what they need.

Will you stay with me awhile to explore this? Continue reading Be True to YOU!

Speaking My Truth

I came to this day and my usual morning self-connection with an intention to connect with you – a plan. Yet, when I sat down to write, I noticed that I really didn’t know what I’d write about. So, why am I writing? What is the purpose anyway?

How often is your life a series of tasks, plans carried out without a connection to the purpose, the intention for the action? Can it be different? What if it was?
Continue reading Speaking My Truth

Reverse it!

Today’s thought comes from “The Intuitive Way” by Penney Peirce. Ready?

If I could reverse three situations or chronic habits in my life, what would they be?
How would I do it?
What would my life look like then?

That’s it from Penney, folks. From the coach:

What changes are you called to make?
What vision will keep you focused?

Just a reminder here. This is NOT about “beat me up” for all “I haven’t done”. It’s about clarity around choices and realizing that we can make new choices at any moment.

Are your gremlins running the show?

A gremlin is that voice within who makes a serious game of keeping us from appreciating our life and living our passion. The gremlin voice is NOT our deepest, truest self. Its messages include the likes of: “You’ll never succeed. You’re wasting your time. Why bother? You’ll look silly.” Learning to ignore the gremlin, move beyond its false messages, and “do it anyway” is a topic of many books and workshops! That tells me we are not alone in facing this “opportunity for growth”.  One delightful book about gremlins is:


Early on, the author reminds us of the value in noticing vs. straining, striving, forcing change. Regarding gremlin taming, he paraphrases the Zen Theory of Change in this way:

I free myself not by trying to be free, but by simply noticing how I am imprisoning myself in the very moment I am imprisoning myself.

What is your gremin’s prison cell like?