Into Action!

Coaching has a huge component of action in it. Change happens – not when we think about it, or hope for something different, or simply imagine – but when we take that next step and act on those dreams, goals, desires. We act despite our fear. We act, not concerned with the outcome but concerned rather with what it takes to act and who we will become in the process.

What action are you avoiding?
What impact will taking the action have on your life?
What action will you take today?

What is your best?

Let’s travel back in time to take special note of every success, every powerful step, every time you “moved beyond” and claimed more of your deepest, truest, amazing self. If it helps, close  your eyes and breathe. Walk through the years or events, relationships or jobs, or simply the every day moments on your life journey.

With the picture of you radiating in these “positive” situations, look more deeply at the human being who showed up as you. Get curious:

What qualities (courage, perseverance, compassion, …) did I exude?
What was my impact?
What is possible when I am at my best?

How Fascinating!

What happens when you get off-track, lose focus, or perhaps even forget to follow through on commitments? Maybe we’re talking about those commitments you make to yourself to practice new habits. Maybe it is a commitment you made to a dear friend or family member. Perhaps it’s a commitment you made in the course of a coaching session and you’ve arrived at your next session “empty handed”. It might even be a commitment you’ve made at work to your supervisor or a coworker.

What happens in you at these times? Are you prone to berating yourself, labeling yourself a failure, or even quitting? How is this working for you? Consider a few other options prompted by this short “new message to self”: Continue reading How Fascinating!

What is your Availability Index?

Today, I want to ask you this question as it relates to your personal growth. Life consistently offers some very powerful moments filled with “ah ha’s” and clear direction for next steps. The impact of these moments, however, is dependent on our availability, our willingness to receive the gift in the challenge, the opportunity, the moment, and act accordingly. No doubt each of us has, at times, been unavailable to these gifts, unwilling to let them mold and shape us. We all have experienced life getting in the way at times. So I ask:

What is your availability index?
How do you remain available to action and expansion in your day-to-day?
In what ways do you shortchange yourself and the potential for your life journey?

A Season of Moments

The calendar says that it is springtime in the northern hemisphere. Spring usually brings images of new life popping up from the ground, buds turning to leaves on the trees, and in colder climates, people reappearing outside their homes.

Something I notice about spring here in Wisconsin is this: if I am too busy, I miss it. One day the ground is barren; the next time I look, the plants are 5″ tall. Sometimes those 5″ come in a single day! If I blink I miss it. Yet, if I watch long enough, I just might see them growing.

What do you miss in your busyness?
What must you refuse to see in order to “get it all done”?

Continue reading A Season of Moments