Checking in …

How do you check in with yourself each day? Does your morning start with an intentional pause to discern things like:

  • What MUST happen today?
  • Who needs a bit of attention today?
  • How prepared am I for what’s ahead?
  • What do I need to get grounded and ready?

I’ve had a “morning practice” for many years now, though it has changed many times. Recently, I made yet another change — inspired, actually, by a strong sense that my “grounding check-in” was actually ungrounding me and rendering me less prepared for the day ahead than before I got out of bed!


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What is your 1%?

Too often, when groups of people collaborate and something doesn’t go as planned, the impulse is to look “out there” and notice what “they did wrong” — to find blame. This happens at work, at home, truly anywhere we humans attempt to co-create. Employees blame leadership and vice versa, siblings are quick to point the finger, spouses also, unfortunately, notice the others’ failings before their own.

Are you willing to try something new?

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Today is YOUR birthday!

And today IS your birthday – if you choose. Just what do I mean? Well, when I think of birthdays, I think of anticipation, excitement, celebration, fresh start, new beginnings, joy and children. When I think of children, I think of carefree, unburdened, naturally bold, uninhibited.

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From the edge of my growth…

When was the last time you were courageous enough to have a conversation where:

  • you went beyond “reporting the news”?
  • you let down your guard?
  • you explored the unknown?
  • you learned something about you?

In 2014, I wrote the following in What’s Alive In Me Now? Time for the journey of your life! 

What if this is a book of connection? What if this is simply a story … a story of human experience, human evolution, spiritual expansion, coming into one’s own? You see, that is what feels most vital to me now. When I share from the edge of my growth, I share with purpose and passion, energy and joy! When I simply relate what I have done or things I have learned, I get bored.

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If it’s never your fault …

If it’s never your fault, you can’t take responsibility for it. If you can’t take responsibility for it, you’ll always be its victim.
~ Richard Bach, Messiah’s Handbook

The essence of this quotation has been with me for a long time. I have found it very powerful. I know, it is loaded with ugly words like fault and victim. Some of you may, unfortunately, include responsibility in the ugly category. If so, I’d like to change your mind!

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