Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

Stop and think with me: What is it that drives most of your decision making, your actions, your beliefs? Do you consider yourself to be independent, freely choosing your thoughts and responses? Or, are your thoughts the by-product of decades of conditioning from society, family, religion, political persuasions, co-workers, authors …? You get the the idea.  How often, if ever, do you really make an independent choice, one that is totally free of the influence of “other”?

Is it even possible?

Each of us has come to this point in our lives having been “fed” ideas formed by the world around us: our country of origin, the family religion (or lack thereof), societal norms, our race, our financial well-being, the books or music we’ve chosen or which were popular at the time. And we have, most likely, formed opinions about life based on all of this! My question today:

Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

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Salute to Parents

Working parents, stay-at-home parents, new parents, … Today’s message is for each of you who is raising one or more young persons with intention in the midst of our over-filled lives. Know this: you are attempting the most challenging task there is! It is also the most vital to our society and the most rewarding.

What has me writing this to you now?

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While traveling awhile back, I decided that I would walk through the airport, singing, smiling, and attempting to make eye contact with those passing by. Very few folks, men and women alike, do so. Most are staring into the distance or into electronic gadgets or, in response to noticing my gaze, immediately turn away. I continue, a bit saddened by our lack of connection.

Then I sit. Waiting for my plane, I notice the eyes of a man gazing at me. And I immediately divert my own eyes. What is that about?

Embarrassed at my reaction, I know that it is prejudice, fear, the idea that a man (as opposed to a woman) could hurt me or have bad intentions.

I feel like a sitting duck. Yet, minutes ago, I was walking through the airport subjecting others to my gaze, knowing that I had only “good” intentions.

I must ask myself:

  • In what ways do I make others uncomfortable?
  • Is my behavior rude, rather than a gift?
  • What about my own prejudices?
  • What part is wisdom and safety?
  • What is simply unfair prejudice toward a fellow human being?

I am continuing on my journey. I commit to remaining aware of my inner judgments. I commit to question them and release all that is in me which prevents me from being one with you at the center of my being.

What is your intention?

Soul Retrieval


You know that my passion is inviting others into passionate, purposeful, powerful living for the sake of this planet, humankind, and the spiritual evolution that is happening now. I desire to live my passion daily, moving in the world, ever ready to be the invitation to another and not needing to know who may be impacted in any given moment. I’d like to invite you into living this way as well.

I have a vision of this way of being from my morning centering that might land powerfully – or not! So I’ll express it two ways.

First, know that you are having an impact, touching people, in every moment. With that awareness:

  • What is the impact you are having?
  • How are you a gift?
  • How do you bring out the best in people?
  • Is your presence coming from the deepest, most positive and powerful essence that you are?
  • Is that presence a laser beam into those you meet – inviting their deep, powerful, positive presence to emerge?

If you can see your laser beam, take a moment to imagine humanity interconnected with laser beams drawing out the best in one another. Got it?

How bright is our light?
What happens if you let your beam dim or die?
Whose light isn’t shining now?
Who have they not touched because you didn’t touch them?

Here is the other way of stating my morning vision. I believe in the idea of interconnection, of each one of us being part of one great whole, or “soul”, expressing on this planet as “me”. And I have heard of “soul retrieval” though never experienced it as such. Today, however, I imagined myself as one who does “soul retrieval”! The eyes are the window to the soul. When I am clear, when my vision is unimpeded by negative thinking, assumption, fear, … then it is my soul which sees. And what my soul sees is your purity, your essence, your soul. By seeing as my soul, I see your soul, and essentially, retrieve it! Imagine being part of world-wide soul retrieval!

Are you ready to do some soul retrieval? If so:

What blocks your soul vision?
What would clear it?
What would you see in others from clarity?


Enough Already


Spring has arrived in Wisconsin even as tornadoes, snow, rain and wind rampage other parts of the country. And I am grateful. Coffee in hand, I sit on my porch and listen to the birds sing their song of morning delight. I sense the stillness all around and the anticipation of wonder within. My heart chakra opens, expands, and I feel the connection to all that is.

Then, without warning, I notice that my thoughts are actively planning – the day, the summer, my work with others. Really?

So I breathe. I gently return to the present moment. I gently invite my busy mind to rest. I gently invite my being to BE.

Does any of this sound familiar? Is your human “doer” challenged to stop and simply be with the beauty around you? If so, know that you are not alone! It is the nature of our mind to think. We have been shaped by a society that values thinking, planning and doing. And there is a place for all of this!

Yet, as a former compulsive thinker and doer, I would like to invite you today into a practice of stillness, of quieting your mind, of allowing, of simply being. Begin with a few minutes or a few deep breaths or a slow, mindful walk around the block. Whatever you choose, begin. Then notice:

How does your heart chakra feel?
What happens in your nervous system?
What “urgent” matters are no longer urgent?
What is the magic in stillness for you?