Lesson from a toddler

When was the last time you were fully present with an infant or toddler? I’ve had the privilege of babysitting a grandson many times during his first 16 months. With an intention of “full attention” to him, I’ve learned so much! But one lesson stands out and bears repeating and practicing elsewhere in my life:

the child loves … and assumes you are good, loving, helpful

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You are so courageous!
No I’m not! If you only knew how scared I was!
Your impact was profound. 
Oh no. I just did what I always do.
You lead powerfully and with heart.
I’m not a leader!

Have you ever experienced those kinds of responses to acknowledgments you’ve offered? Have you ever been the one denying another’s experience of you? Think about it. Continue reading “Acknowledgments…”

A hint for the holidays …

For many of us, the holiday season is here – full steam ahead! Perhaps some of the parties are in the past but likely, time with family is yet ahead. And for some, family presents a special challenge: we care about these folks for they are a forever part of our lives if at all possible! Yet, while we may have grown up under the same roof, we have possibly grown apart as adults. Sometimes, connection has disappeared and been replaced by difficult personalities, different values, tension.

This season, I invite you – whatever your personal situation – to consider this:

Love is the answer.

This holiday, try a visioning practice when you gather with others. Continue reading “A hint for the holidays …”

Seek first to understand …

It is Thanksgiving Day 2016. We in the US are moving through a very challenging time following the US presidential election. As I continue my own journey of discernment around how I am to be, to serve, and to respond, I am reminded of two powerful pieces of music. I offer them to you today.

Adapted from the words of St. Frances of Assisi by Sebastian Temple, Make Me  a Channel of Your Peace 

And, from India Arie, Better People

May you and your family enjoy a day of blessings, gratitude, connection and understanding.

Gratitude for what will be

Gratitude is a powerful force. Full appreciation for what has been leaves one in a state of awe.

Imagine for a moment, gratitude for what will be. Vision some aspect of your life purpose fully realized. Give your vision depth and color, energy and strength, life and impact. Be with your vision. Notice all the qualities in you and your life which are both in your vision and already present. Express your gratitude for the ways in which this vision is manifesting now. Express also gratitude for the intention, desire, and trust that you bring to this vision fully realized.

What are you grateful for today?