Energy Drains: take back your life!

Do you ever feel like:

  • you are being pulled in too many directions?
  • there is too much being asked of you?
  • YOU are responsible for that person and that activity and this …?

Is it all too much? Recently, I read The Joy of Burnout by Dr. Dina Glouberman, where she provided a visual that describes this situation beautifully:

Picture someone or something you are over invested in. Imagine that your energy is like rays, or I like to say strands of spaghetti, coming out of a hole in the top of your head. The ends of the spaghetti are stuck in that person or thing. 

My imagination traded in that spaghetti for my blood vessels and I quite literally saw my life energy flowing out of me into those others.

Pick either image, close your eyes, and feel into it for a moment.
Imagine a strand for each attachment that drains you.

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What about YOU?

Recently we’ve explored relationships, considered investing deeply in one that we care about, releasing others which aren’t serving us in an effort to simplify. We’ve peaked at life from the toddler’s view and seen that assuming the best in people might be helpful. (*)

Today, we consider the most primary relationship in your life: YOU. You are the one person you can never walk away from, the one person whose choices, beliefs, health and well-being, actions and in-actions will ALWAYS affect you.

What is your relationship with you?

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Lesson from a toddler

When was the last time you were fully present with an infant or toddler? I’ve had the privilege of babysitting a grandson many times during his first 16 months. With an intention of “full attention” to him, I’ve learned so much! But one lesson stands out and bears repeating and practicing elsewhere in my life:

the child loves … and assumes you are good, loving, helpful

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It’s all about relationships …

The calendar has turned and a new year has begun. Many folks are setting resolutions for the year ahead and hoping that they stick. My invitation to you this year is to consider a focus on relationship. We are always, in every activity, in every situation, in relationship with someone or something. We are interdependent beings; none of us does this life solo. From the postal worker, the store clerk and the nurse to family, friends and colleagues, our being touches and is touched by others.

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Opening Your Presence

The holiday season is upon us. While not everyone celebrates Christmas or Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, all of us are bombarded with the sights and sounds and shopping frenzy this time of year in addition to holiday parties with friends and coworkers.

Today, I would like to invite you into a practice around how you show up – regardless of your religious tradition:

Opening Your Presence

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