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Yes, No, Counter Offer …

… and possibly maybe and later.


I’ve spent much of my life practicing codependency:

“I don’t know, whatever YOU want”

in response to just about any request for my preferences – simple things like, “Where should we go for dinner?” or “What would you like to watch on television?”

I’ve also realized another form codependency takes: Continue reading Yes, No, Counter Offer …

Reverse it!

Today’s thought comes from “The Intuitive Way” by Penney Peirce. Ready?

If I could reverse three situations or chronic habits in my life, what would they be?
How would I do it?
What would my life look like then?

That’s it from Penney, folks. From the coach:

What changes are you called to make?
What vision will keep you focused?

Just a reminder here. This is NOT about “beat me up” for all “I haven’t done”. It’s about clarity around choices and realizing that we can make new choices at any moment.

Release Expectation – Embrace Expectancy!

What do you hear in the word “expectation”? When you expect something from another or from life, what do you notice in your being? What happens when those expectations are dashed?

Now, switch gears for a minute. Replace “expectation” with “expectancy, abundant expectancy“. What is the energy now?

Here’s where I go with these two:

Expectations that I have for myself or another person or for the situation feel limiting. I notice tension as I wait to see if what I want, what I expect, will happen. There is smallness here as laser focus sees only “this” and “these options”. I am trapped in my version of how life should unfold. I have put a box around you and how I want you to be. Often, sadly, I expect the worst.
Continue reading Release Expectation – Embrace Expectancy!

Seek first to understand …

It is Thanksgiving Day 2016. We in the US are moving through a very challenging time following the US presidential election. As I continue my own journey of discernment around how I am to be, to serve, and to respond, I am reminded of two powerful pieces of music. I offer them to you today.

Adapted from the words of St. Frances of Assisi by Sebastian Temple, Make Me  a Channel of Your Peace 

And, from India Arie, Better People

May you and your family enjoy a day of blessings, gratitude, connection and understanding.

What is your “counter-cultural intention”?

It takes intention and staying power to live counter-culturally.

I spoke those words to a friend yesterday and they struck a cord in her. I took that as a sign to go deeper for, in that moment, they’d just flown off my tongue.

What did I mean?

For me, counter-cultural describes much of what I create as I live into purpose and passion and a life of service. Much of how I spend my life energy is not what society and the world of marketing, consumption and busyness would suggest. I value inner quiet, meditation, personal integrity, the human spirit. Your counter-cultural is likely different and might be choosing health while surrounded by family or coworkers who don’t.

Here’s the thing: we are all called to change the world – to make the world a better place. This amazing video is a powerful request to consider the children, consider ourselves, and heal the world:

Whatever it is that YOU are called to do to make the world a better place around you, DO IT! Don’t wait for a better time. Don’t wait for someone else to take the first step. Set your intention and DO IT. Do it NOW. Create better at work, at home, in your relationships. When it doesn’t feel good or easy, STAY with your intention.

It takes intention and staying power to live counter-culturally.

And it takes each one of us to follow through on our intention to make the world a better place, to live counter-culturally.

What is your “counter-cultural” intention?
What is your staying power?