We Are One

This morning, not unlike many mornings, I’ve been present with all that is going on in and around me and our world. So much pain and suffering, unrest, fighting. So many in service to those around them trying to bring a bit of gentleness, healing, ease and love into the world. I was reminded of song lyrics which came through me some 17 years ago which reflect what I see today. They speak to the wide range of experiences and emotions present but also to what some of us know to be a wider truth:

In the midst of all of this, we are one.

How can that be? We don’t act like “one”. We fight. We destroy. We kill. Yet, we are one body of humanity. We are one world wide civilization on one planet, Earth. As one, these actions are not hurting “the other” — they are hurting “me”. When I get caught up in wanting to inflict hurt, I try to remember that we are all in this together. I see that it will take each of us wanting to resolve our differences peacefully, to support one another graciously, to desire that everyone live in simple abundance in order to bring harmony to the chaos. It is from this awareness that I try to do my part and bring the best of me forward. When I do this, my impact on the world is powerful, positive and healing.

Today, my part is to write this tidbit and share a few inspirational words. If they touch you, pass them along. If they soften your heart, smile. If they inspire you to action, act!

What is your role in the healing of humanity today?

Here is the song which came through me so many years ago.

We Are One (Listen)

There are people everywhere who are happy,
People everywhere living life so free.
And we are one with all the people everywhere
One in Spirit, One in Love. And there are

People everywhere who are hungry,
People everywhere who are lonely.
We are one with all the people everywhere
One in facing life with hope. There are

People everywhere who are angry,
People everywhere fighting for a cause.
We are one with all the people everywhere
One in purpose, One in Truth. And there are

People everywhere who are crying,
People everywhere who are dying.
We are one with all the people everywhere
We are one in death in life. We’re one with

People everywhere, from all nations,
People everywhere, every race and creed.
We are one together hearing Spirit call
We are one in heart and soul. We are one.

How Are You?

In March, I invited you to be discerning about how you were nourishing yourself. The questions I posed then are perhaps even more relevant today:

What are you listening to?
What are you taking in to your innermost being?
What are you believing? Fearing? Reacting to?
What are you trusting?
How are you responding?

Please pause now to listen for your answers.

I ask again, how are you? Perhaps, like me, you have experienced some of these: confusion, sadness, frustration, loneliness, anger, connection, love, simplicity, joy. Maybe you have been close to someone who got sick – perhaps even died, alone. If that is so, I am sorry. So sorry. Maybe you’ve been a front-line worker or been deemed “essential” and you just keep going through it all. To you I offer my deepest, most sincere thanks.

Maybe what has you unsettled is the impact of George Floyd’s death and the ensuing protests. Or perhaps it is your own growing awareness of the pain human beings inflict on other human beings. Maybe even a growing awareness of the pain that you inflict on others in thought, word and deed.

Possibly, you have experienced a personal trauma totally unrelated to current events. If so, I hope you have the support you need to move through to the other side. If not, who can you ask? And what is it you most need from them?


Sometimes it is overwhelm and a feeling of helplessness that is most present. That is, until I remember each of you who is hurting for any of the reasons above (or anything else for that matter). Sure, I have struggled with the changes that the pandemic has brought upon me and my loved ones. And I have struggled to listen, learn and tend to what is mine to do with the life energy and blessings that are mine in this time of intense unrest in our country and this world we share. At times my body has practiced its well-learned depression response. But, with awareness of good health, a loving husband and family, a home and financial security, deep and abiding friendships, trust in a power greater than myself, and a daily gratitude practice, many of my struggles dissolve into nothingness.

Wherever we find ourselves along the spectrum from barely coping to thriving and grateful, we can ask those questions above. If we listen carefully, we just may hear a still, small voice from within or a powerful message from somewhere outside that has the next bit of guidance we need. Perhaps we hear:

Slow down.
Talk less. Listen more.
Consume less.
Take one small action.
Love yourself.
Tell another what you love about them.
Express your gratitude.
Call your Mom.
Learn the truth about “it” from experts.

Thank you. I wish you peace. I wish you hope. I wish for you to know without a doubt that you are loved.

What are you listening to?

Today we are in the midst … and what I am most present to is that we are the collective we of the entire world. We are each, individually, and we are all, collectively, called to be present to the same thing. We are drawn together by the same challenge even as we are asked to isolate in service of the whole.

I am writing today to share two powerful messages I’ve heard in the last week and to invite you to be discerning about how you are nourishing yourself these days: Continue reading “What are you listening to?”

Everybody’s got more inside of them. Everybody.

TheOnlineSpa is a very new, on-line community where big feelers and generous givers can come to connect, explore and learn about themselves, be nourished and engage with others on the journey. Recently, I had the privilege of being interviewed by friend and colleague, Jonny Richard, co-founder with Ashley Colvin of TheOnlineSpa.com . I share the interview here – and – invite you to check out the community for yourself. It was such fun to have this conversation. Jonny is a phenomenal listener who brought more out of me than I knew was in there!



Ease in “Abundance”

Ease in Abundance

Abundance — another way of saying “too busy”, “overwhelm”, “get me outta here!” When her life seems overly full with simple to-do’s, work engagements or just plain life happenings, my friend and mindfulness teacher, Joy Jordan, uses the term “abundance” to describe the situation.

In addition to this simple, beautiful reframe, I’d like to offer you ideas for finding Ease in Abundance. The next time you find yourself in an “abundant” time, try: Continue reading “Ease in “Abundance””