Summer of Passion

Summer is upon us. This can mean a lot of things like vacation, longer days, more work, less work, kids at home, more joy, more chaos, …

Today, consider some visioning around the summer that lies before you. Step aside for a moment and ask yourself:

What vision will I create for this summer?
What do I want to see when I look backward on September 1?
What will make this a summer without regret?
What will make this a summer of passion?

Salute to Parents

Working parents, stay-at-home parents, new parents, … Today’s message is for each of you who is raising one or more young persons with intention in the midst of our over-filled lives. Know this: you are attempting the most challenging task there is! It is also the most vital to our society and the most rewarding.

What has me writing this to you now?

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As Good As It Gets

Often we find ourselves wanting life to be different, wanting situations to change, wanting others to be different. Yet, we can’t count on changes outside ourselves. And there may be some situations within our very being that are beyond our control as well. Have you ever “tried everything there is to try” and found nothing changed?

There is a movie called As Good As It Gets. What if, with respect to this situation, it is as good as it gets?

What’s possible from here?
What would you focus on if you knew “it” was not going to change?
What does standing in your personal power look like now?

Balance … in the midst of change

Recently, I wrote about flexibility in our “balance” which is needed even when what we desire is constancy:


And balance, the life balance that suggests healthy sleep, exercise and foods, right amounts or work and play, rest and activity, is promoted as good and wise and a helpful part of a happy life. But …
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Balance …

If you practice yoga – the limb of yoga that is the physical postures, the “asanas” – then you have most likely done “Tree Pose”:

As you can see, this pose requires balancing on one leg and is aided by lots of strength in the body core. In this photo, it looks stiff and unmoving, like the mountain behind it.

Is this what we mean by “balance” in life?
If so, what is possible from “balance”?

Here’s another photo of tree pose:

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