I Don’t Want To!

I think I’m having a temper tantrum. The calendar suggests that it is time to write to you. Everything else in my being is screaming, “No, don’t want to!”. I’d rather listen to the birds, feel this cool, fresh morning air, follow my breath. And I am aware that there is no one who can make me write to you (or do anything for that matter).

But, there is a voice, or many of them, inside my head. Which of these can you identify for yourself?

  • internalized, domineering parent
  • (over)responsibility and should
  • compassion, concern and love for those you serve, the lives you touch
  • inner self, soul, the “heart of me”
  • fear
  • something else?

How do you be with the voices in your head? For today, I want to encourage you to notice, be a witness to them. At any moment, each may have something of value for you. Hear what they have to say and then step back and choose with intention.

This morning, my tantrum is a fight between “responsibility and service” on the one hand, and “inner self and my heart” on the other. I guess that boils down to “you – or – me” in this moment. I have decided to find a way to make that, “you – and – me” because I believe that if it is good for my spirit, it is good for the human, connected spirit. And if it is not good in me, if my energy is negative, even in the midst of doing “good”, then it is not good for the human, connected spirit.

So, after writing about my tantrum, I took a break. I checked in with my spirit and honored her. Coming back to you now, I can write from a place of deeply caring about you and your walk in the world. That feels good. I trust that this message was needed by at least one of you reading it. You – and – Me.

Where are you dishonoring you while serving another?
What is your “you – and – me” today?


I am about to leave town for a family vacation. Truthfully, my brain is already in vacation-mode and my willingness to write to you is waning. It occurred to me that perhaps I need to write about what is most present for me! Since we are heading into summer, a time when many folks take vacations, this actually makes sense. So, here we go!

What is your relationship to “vacation”? Continue reading “Vacation”

Checking in …

How do you check in with yourself each day? Does your morning start with an intentional pause to discern things like:

  • What MUST happen today?
  • Who needs a bit of attention today?
  • How prepared am I for what’s ahead?
  • What do I need to get grounded and ready?

I’ve had a “morning practice” for many years now, though it has changed many times. Recently, I made yet another change — inspired, actually, by a strong sense that my “grounding check-in” was actually ungrounding me and rendering me less prepared for the day ahead than before I got out of bed!


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How full is your cup?

An important businessman, hurried and stressed, visits a Zen master, seeking guidance. The Zen master sits down, invites the businessman to sit, and pours the visitor a cup of tea. But even after the tea fills the cup, the Zen master continues to pour, allowing the tea to spill, now running over the entire table.

The businessman is taken aback. “Stop! Please stop pouring the tea! The cup is full and obviously can’t hold any more.”

The Zen master replies, “Yes. So it is with you. And you will not be able to receive any guidance unless you make some empty space first.”

As shared by Terry Hershey in The Power of Pause

Is your cup overflowing? How do you respond when life pours more into your personal space than you can embrace? Do you reach out for answers only to discover that you don’t have the bandwidth to receive them? Continue reading “How full is your cup?”

What am I to learn from you?

Today’s message is short; it is an invitation to a way of being in our lives. It is meant for you if you ever move through your days:

  • ignoring everything and everyone that isn’t “in the plan”
  • assuming that the person you are about to speak with has nothing of value to offer you
  • mindlessly doing the mundane tasks
  • afraid of what you are about to do or what the people around you are thinking

My invitation to you is this:

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