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Writings about faith and trusting the Universe and sometimes about the difficult process of letting go.


Flexibility, bending and stretching without breaking, is a valuable asset. In order to create the changes we desire in life, we must try new things, step outside our comfort zone, reach for something different. Imagine the rubber band. If not stretched enough, it isn’t very useful. If left unused, never stretched, it hardens and loses its “stretchability”. If we stretch it too far, it snaps. Somewhere in the middle, the stretching gives the rubber band its value.

What about you? In what areas of life have you flexed to the breaking point? In what areas are you afraid to stretch? Where have you become inflexible and rigid, hardened and ready to crumble?

What shift in flexibility is called for?

The Gift of Acceptance

In the first chapter of The Zen LeaderGinny Whitelaw suggests that acceptance is a huge part of the first step a leader must take when the situation gets challenging. Only when we observe what is and accept that it really is happening can we actually have impact which transforms. Without acceptance, we likely head down the path of negative energies which, she suggests, often look like tolerance, rationalization, resistance, anger or rage, denial. With acceptance, we have the possibility of coming to understand what is and, from there, channel our energy in positive directions which can lead to joy and enthusiasm.

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Release Expectation – Embrace Expectancy!

What do you hear in the word “expectation”? When you expect something from another or from life, what do you notice in your being? What happens when those expectations are dashed?

Now, switch gears for a minute. Replace “expectation” with “expectancy, abundant expectancy“. What is the energy now?

Here’s where I go with these two:

Expectations that I have for myself or another person or for the situation feel limiting. I notice tension as I wait to see if what I want, what I expect, will happen. There is smallness here as laser focus sees only “this” and “these options”. I am trapped in my version of how life should unfold. I have put a box around you and how I want you to be. Often, sadly, I expect the worst.
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Mind Pollution

From the book, The Yamas & Niyamas, by Deborah Adele, we read:

“Yogiraj Achala tells the story about taking his young son to the Mississippi River. The son, looking into the river, asked his dad if the river was polluted. Yogiraj responded that no, the river is only carrying the pollution, the river itself is pure. Our minds are like the river carrying things in it. If we identify with what the mind is carrying – thoughts, stories, beliefs – then we will think we are those things.”

Tomorrow is July 4th, the day Americans celebrate freedom. Take a moment. Breathe in deeply. Let it go. Continue to breathe long, slow, full breaths. As you do, take the spectator seat near your mind. Notice:
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