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Writings about faith and trusting the Universe and sometimes about the difficult process of letting go.

How do you relate to time?

What is time?
What is it time for?
What if you’re late?
What if you miss out completely?
What’s your hurry?
What is wasting time?
What is the impact when the day melts away?

Lately I’ve been wrestling with time. Yes, that’s right. Time. In the midst of whatever I am doing (or not doing), I notice an internal struggle, a war in my thoughts. Even as I’ve chosen, for example, to write this blog post, and am trying to be with you and write something meaningful, there is another train of thought suggesting that I should be doing something else, that if I don’t get busy on that, I will not arrive there in time. If that doesn’t happen this week, I will have forever lost an opportunity.

Here’s the thing. Those thoughts are stealing energy from the task at hand. Continue reading How do you relate to time?

Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

Stop and think with me: What is it that drives most of your decision making, your actions, your beliefs? Do you consider yourself to be independent, freely choosing your thoughts and responses? Or, are your thoughts the by-product of decades of conditioning from society, family, religion, political persuasions, co-workers, authors …? You get the the idea.  How often, if ever, do you really make an independent choice, one that is totally free of the influence of “other”?

Is it even possible?

Each of us has come to this point in our lives having been “fed” ideas formed by the world around us: our country of origin, the family religion (or lack thereof), societal norms, our race, our financial well-being, the books or music we’ve chosen or which were popular at the time. And we have, most likely, formed opinions about life based on all of this! My question today:

Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

might be restated as: Continue reading Are you REALLY an independent thinker?

Forget It!

Forget what? Forget the questions, the thoughts, the fears or worries which loop endlessly in your mind consuming CPU cycles and draining your battery. You know them:

What if that happens?
What’s he doing now?
How can I keep from …?
What will they think if …?
What do I need to do to fix it?

We do it all the time. We are constantly planning, conniving, predicting, solving “problems” which haven’t happened yet and trying to change what we can’t control. Perhaps we think that by “being with it in our mind” we are actually doing good.

Yes, sometimes we are given an idea in our thoughts which, when acted upon, has positive impact. And there is a time and place for thinking about solutions to things. There is even value in “holding a question in the background – loosely” and letting our intuition “work on it”.

However, all too often, we consume our life energy with planning and projections while the world about us and the “players” in the “situation”, are changing. We are losing our serenity and maybe even our sanity by living in our heads.

Today’s invitation: Continue reading Forget It!

When has a good practice gone sour?

I didn’t journal today. I’ve journaled regularly, often daily, for 15 years. The practice has helped me clear my mind, understand life, discover creativity. I’ve suggested this practice to clients and friends.

Yet, today I didn’t write. Yesterday, my husband suggested that, just maybe, all that inner reflection was a cause – rather than a cure – for morning feelings of depression.

“But, no! It helps! I can’t stop. This practice has been so good for me over the years. Besides, I’ve suggested it to others. I can’t back away without looking or feeling out of integrity.” Continue reading When has a good practice gone sour?

Are you a control freak?

Before you answer that, call to mind someone who fits your definition of “control freak” to a tee. Got it? Are you imagining someone who:

  • always has to get their way?
  • bosses everyone around because they know the “right way to do it”?
  • is uber-organized with everything always in its place?

If so, it is possible you don’t spend lots of time with this person if you can help it.

In my personal experience, however, as both controller and controlled, I’ve found much subtler methods of control. Imagine: Continue reading Are you a control freak?