Writings about faith and trusting the Universe and sometimes about the difficult process of letting go.

How Fascinating!

What happens when you get off-track, lose focus, or perhaps even forget to follow through on commitments? Maybe we’re talking about those commitments you make to yourself to practice new habits. Maybe it is a commitment you made to a dear friend or family member. Perhaps it’s a commitment you made in the course of a coaching session and you’ve arrived at your next session “empty handed”. It might even be a commitment you’ve made at work to your supervisor or a coworker.

What happens in you at these times? Are you prone to berating yourself, labeling yourself a failure, or even quitting? How is this working for you? Consider a few other options prompted by this short “new message to self”: Continue reading How Fascinating!

Jack of all trades …

… master of none. This is what has been in my awareness this week. All of my life I have participated in a variety of activities and learning experiences and had people around me who challenged me in so many different ways. I’ve been able to juggle many things well – or well enough. What I’ve offered the world around me in support, leadership, creativity, music, friendship … has been a gift over and over.

And, I haven’t become a master at anything. I realize that, when I’ve tried to focus enough to move in that direction, I get bored – or distracted by all the other balls I like to juggle!

Why tell you this?

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The Morning After …

What morning after am I referring to?

This time, it’s the morning after the vacation or after a day off sick or even Monday morning, the day many return to work after a weekend.

What about it?

Here’s what I noticed yesterday morning (after being away with a friend over the weekend, away from responsibilities at home, away from e-mail that comes whether or not I’m paying attention, away from habits and routines that ground me):

I am unsettled, hurried, feeling behind before I start.
I am afraid of the full day ahead.
I am thinking that I need to shortcut my healthy morning routine.
I am short with my spouse.

Do you ever land in this kind of morning after?

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Let Your Intuition Take The Temperature

Perhaps you and I don’t share this life challenge, but just in case we do …

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by what needs to be done?
Does your mind race and try to take you in multiple directions at once?
Do you find you never quite get to what you really desire?

If so, maybe a fresh method for discerning would be helpful.

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