A bit … on my way to Scotland

I am on the plane. I’ve been noticing… Gotta shut down now. Okay, back on now that we are in the air. What do I want to bother you with? Interesting question! Not, what do I need to say, but, what do you need to receive?

The only way to know that, since you are not physically here with me, is to stop, turn within, and connect heart to heart. Since my stake in this trip, my intention for the ten days ahead is:

Be here now. Be heard now (listen with my heart). Be heart. Breathe. Be.

I think asking my heart the current question is so appropriate! One moment please…

I know that if you are reading this, you care about me and you care about you, growth, depth and connection. I wonder, what is here now … for you? What is your heart’s message?

Until next time…

What is YOUR wisdom?