A Mother’s Love

It hurts to see you travel down dark roads I’ve walked before:
roads so full of pain that I was forced to close the door.
“Choices make the man” and I have learned much from that path.
Oh how I’d hoped to steer you clear and be your guiding hand.

But the time has come and I know well deep in my heart
that I cannot protect you and that we must be apart.
Although your life will take you far from home and lifelong friends,
know my love goes with you and my prayers will never end.

As you journey down the crooked path of life on earth,
treasure, please, a memory for the one who gave you birth.
This memory is the key that will unlock a private door
that you can walk through anytime and know my love once more.

Enter, son, and you will find a fire burning bright.
‘Tis this mother’s love that only your smile can ignite.
The hearth will be there always for there’s nothing can destroy
the bond that Love has nurtured ‘tween a mother and her boy.

By Jeanne Loehnis, 2004

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