A Season of Moments

The calendar says that it is springtime in the northern hemisphere. Spring usually brings images of new life popping up from the ground, buds turning to leaves on the trees, and in colder climates, people reappearing outside their homes.

Something I notice about spring here in Wisconsin is this: if I am too busy, I miss it. One day the ground is barren; the next time I look, the plants are 5″ tall. Sometimes those 5″ come in a single day! If I blink I miss it. Yet, if I watch long enough, I just might see them growing.

What do you miss in your busyness?
What must you refuse to see in order to “get it all done”?

I’d like to propose a new season for us, a season that need never end: the season of the moment.

What is the season of the moment?

The season of the moment is a way of living fully present to what is actually here now, in this moment. It is being fully present to the conversation you are in, not even thinking ahead to what you will say next. It is breathing deeply and noticing the scent of the flowers or the imminent rain. It is an open and clear mind that is able to receive the energy in the room you enter for your next meeting, one that is not fully preoccupied with your personal agenda. It is setting a course of intention, planning the action steps that are likely needed, and then moving through each step fully aware of what life presents. From this awareness, there is space to adjust to “what is” moment by moment.

What would be different for you if you lived moment to moment?
Where in your life might you begin the practice?

What impact will you have as you live in the season of the moment?

What is YOUR wisdom?