Acknowledge it!

Today I’d like to invite you into a different way of noticing and celebrating “success” or forward movement. Often we only talk about what “gets done”, the visible, tangible manifestation that we can measure or check off a list. Unfortunately, we may miss the growth that happens along the way. It is the growth, the learning through the process, that aids us “next time”. NOTE: There is learning and growth … even in failure.

Here is the “acknowledgment twist” I’d like you to experiment with. The next time you complete something or want to celebrate, try speaking to the qualities (courage, persistence, patience, compassion…) that are present and which allowed you to “do the work”. Notice this isn’t about what you did but who you had to be in order to do it! The beauty here is that who you had to be is who you are and is available to you for each next thing!

Take some time today to notice the qualities in you that are showing up in your life. Regardless of the outcome of any experience, ask yourself:

How did I show up?
Did I exercise patience, compassion, calm?
Did I bring courage, vision, inner strength?

What is the gift that I am?

What is YOUR wisdom?