An American in Poland

Well … Maria went to work today (Wednesday) and I spent some time alone. I did much better with doors today and managed to get in and out of her apartment with ease. Hooray for me!

[it is now Thursday … time is limited for writing and I suspect will get more and more limited. Will I try to keep this going? I'm not sure yet!]

As for the American in Poland yesterday, I did TRY to talk to people when I was out and walking and in and out of the shops. Maria suggested that. What I found was … that no store owner spoke English! Some young boys said they didn't, but they enjoyed teasing me and then managed to say “What is your name?” and “Money?” And one of the store owners, when I returned in the evening, remembered my face … and smiled. I have not been greeted with many smiles on the sidewalks. Guess it is a mix in Wisconsin also – some folks are more inclined to acknowledge a stranger than others.
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