And the lesson is…

Well, the lesson is to “practice what you preach”! This morning, I sat with the intention of writing a tidbit for you. The longer I sat, however, the harder the process became and the more disjointed the message.

Frustrated! I wanted to do this task early today – before getting ready to deliver the message in word and song at Unity of Appleton at 10:00 am. Here's the kicker: the message (one I chose!) is based upon a poem by Oriah Mountain Dreamer in her book, The Dance. And it begins like this:

What if it truly doesn't matter what you do but how you do whatever you do?
How would this change what you choose to do with your life?

And here I was, trying to do a “good thing” from a place of being unsettled. I was trying to force a good work which usually doesn't succeed. It took at least 30 minutes to realize that by trying too hard to make it happen, I was creating a message that made no sense and didn't add value to the world.

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