Be willing to be used…

Today’s message to self:

Be willing to be used; mine is not to figure out how.

For me, this means that I am to be here now and not worry about the big picture. Live this moment – play fully on the playing board of my life. Invest the energy of me in the people and activities that are present now.

Does this mean I never plan, never vision, never pause to see if I am “on track”? No, it doesn’t. There is value in having a map and setting in motion the steps that will move us in the general direction of our dreams, vision, the purpose for our lives. Life is lived, however, in this moment – and this one. Dreams unfold a moment at a time. Opportunities show up in the moments.

What is the playing board of your life?
What are you missing in the moments?
What will you fully invest in today?

What is YOUR wisdom?